Uber Is Retooling Its App For California Drivers. Lyft Isn'tThe diverging approaches shed light on how the on-demand industry is far from unified in the way it confronts what could be an existential threat.
California Takes Lead On Laws Affecting Gig Economy, PrivacyCalifornia’s long tradition of advancing nation-leading legislation continues into the new year, with laws reining in the gig economy, boosting online privacy and discouraging shootings by police, among other potential trend-setters.
Small Businesses Rethinking Staffing As New California Contractor Law LoomsA California law that makes it harder for companies to treat workers as independent contractors takes effect next week, forcing small businesses in and outside the state to rethink their staffing.
California Freelance Journalists Sue Over New State LawFreelance writers and photographers on Tuesday filed the second legal challenge to a broad new California labor law that they say could put some independent journalists out of business.
Truckers File First Suit Contesting California Gig Economy LawThe California Trucking Association has filed what appears to be the first lawsuit challenging a sweeping new labor law that seeks to give wage and benefit protections to workers in the so-called gig economy, including rideshare drivers at companies such as Uber and Lyft.
Uber Claims New California Law Still Won't Force It To Classify Drivers As EmployeesTony West, Uber's chief legal officer, said that the company believed a new test imposed by AB-5 would not require it to classify its fleet of drivers in the state as employees.