Young Buck Tangled In Hammock Roams Fair Oaks Neighborhood; Rescue Mission UnderwayA young deer is tangled up in a big problem. Rescuers tracking the buck that got a hammock stuck on his head.
Volunteers Rescue Baby Raccoons Trapped In Wall At South Sacramento HomeAn amazing rescue was caught on camera as wildlife volunteers raced against the clock to save two baby raccoons. 
Injured Bald Eagle Rescued From Yuba County, Nonprofits Step Up To Help It RecoverA bald eagle rescued in Yuba County is on the flight path to recovery thanks to some special volunteers. 
Authorities Investigate After Midtown Raccoon Killed By Illegal TrapWildlife experts are investigating who set an illegal trap that killed a young raccoon in midtown Sacramento.
Man Cited, Ordered To Pay Restitution For Shooting HawkWildlife Rescue Crews are celebrating after winning a legal battle in the case of a red-shouldered hawk that was shot in Sacramento back in April. 
Gold Country Wildlife Rescue Seeing Baby BoomThere's a baby boom at the Gold County Wildlife Rescue. 
Red-Shouldered Hawk Shot In Sacramento Recovering, Person CitedA red-shouldered hawk on the mend at Gold Country Wildlife Rescue will need another surgery.
Wildlife Rescue Rehabbing Injured Raccoon That Was Set To Be SkinnedGold Country Wildlife Rescue is rehabilitating a raccoon that was hit by a car.
Fox With Plastic Jar Stuck On Head Rescued Near GeorgetownA fox with a plastic jar stuck on its head was caught on camera in El Dorado County.
Possum Mom Found Shot Dead, Rescuers Take In Her BabiesA brood of possums left orphaned after their mother was shot dead has been taken in by rescuers. 
Barn Owl That Fell Into Waste Igniter Slowly Learning To Fly AgainGold Country Wildlife Rescue is helping one long-term patient reach new heights.