Bystanders Tackle Suspected Purse Snatcher Who Targeted Stockton SeniorAn elderly woman was robbed and thrown to the ground at a Stockton shopping mall by a man intent on getting away with it, but that's not where the story ends. 
Deputies Search For Suspect In Brutal Overpass AttackA manhunt is underway after a woman is brutally sexually assaulted on a pedestrian overpass near Hwy 50 and Watt Ave.
Bystanders Pull Women From Sinking CarA group of Good Samaritan’s rescued a woman and her granddaughter after they rolled their car into a ditch along Highway 99 in Sutter County.
Jill James Discovers 'Trash' Blowing Along Road In Auburn Is $14K Cash What would you do if you found $14,000 cash in the middle of the road?
Good Samaritan Tries To Save Woman's Life In Deadly Highway 50 CrashA morning commuter turned highway hero described how she tried to save a woman's life after a chain-reaction crash on Highway 50. 
Woman Turns In Over $14K Of Cash To Police 20 Minutes After It Was Reported MissingA large amount of cash has been returned to its rightful owner after a Good Samaritan turned it into the police Wednesday. 
Good Samaritan Returns Wallet Containing Nearly $3,000 A Sacramento man did the right thing after he found nearly $3,000 in a wallet someone dropped. 
Good Samaritan Speaks Out After Confronting Shoplifters With Concealed Carry GunA Good Samaritan came to the rescue of a Loomis security guard who was under attack by shoplifters. It happened Sunday night in a Raley's parking lot. The Calaveras County man told CBS13 exclusively he's had a concealed carry license for nearly 25 years but he'd never had to pull out his weapon until now.
Man Stops To Help Dog Hit By Car, Has Wallet StolenA Good Samaritan realized he had been a victim of theft after stopping to help a dog that was hit by a car.
Good Samaritan Pulls Three Passengers Out Of Burning TruckWith no hesitation or fear for his own life, Jeff Garrett darted toward the truck engulfed in flames outside of his home.
Homeless Good Samaritan Suing Couple Who Raised $400K To Help HimJohnny Bobbitt received worldwide praise after he gave a stranded motorist in Philadelphia his last $20 so she could get gas last year.