Governor Brown Drops Off Ballot With First Dog Sutter BrownGovernor Jerry Brown performed his civic duty on Tuesday morning, dropping off his ballot at a polling place inside the Downtown Sacramento Boys and Girls Club
Controversial Vaccination Bill Becomes Law Governor Brown has signed into law the measure requiring vaccinations for most children in public schools.
Governor Brown Declares Statewide Drought EmergencyWith a record-dry year, reservoir levels under strain and no rain in the forecast, California Gov. Jerry Brown formally proclaimed the state in a drought Friday, confirming what many already knew.
Gov. Brown Signs Bills Designed To Promote Religious AcceptanceA month after the tragic shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, Governor Brown is trying to promote more understanding and acceptance of the religion in California.
Right On: Not a Great Way to Ask for More Money
Typo Forces Gov. Brown's Office To Re-File InitiativeA typo is forcing Governor Brown to re-file his ballot initiative aimed at raising taxes.
Gov. Brown Summoned For Jury DutyGov. Jerry Brown is going a step beyond in doing the people's business this week after receiving a notice for jury duty in Alameda County.
Gov. Brown Vetoes Democratic Budget PlanGov. Jerry Brown has vetoed the Democratic budget plan approved Wednesday in the Legislature, restarting talks over how to close California's $9.6 billion deficit.
Cuts Revealed That Could Save California MillionsThere are new weapons tonight in the war on government waste. Two new plans ordered by Governor Brown could save California hundreds of millions of dollars.
Governor Brown Orders Car CutsThe Governor’s Executive Order means immediate savings for taxpayers. In a one on one interview with On The Money’s Mike Luery, Governor Brown said that with California $25 billion in the red, the state simply cannot afford to purchase new cars.