Want To Avoid An Early Death? Get Moving, A Study SaysThe medical journal BMJ published a report today that links higher levels of physical activity at any intensity to a lower risk of early death in middle-age and older people.
What Is Shigella?According to the Centers for Disease Control, Shigellosis is an infectious disease caused by Shigella bacteria
Ingredient In Whitening Strips Is Harmful To Deep Layer Of Teeth, Research SaysHydrogen peroxide, the active ingredient in over-the-counter whitening strips, may be harmful to the layer under the enamel of teeth, according to research presented Tuesday at a scientific meeting.
Pizza Healthier Breakfast Than Cereal, Study FindsPizza lovers, rejoice! A study claims pizza is a healthier breakfast than cereal.
The Subtle Art Of Calling In SickYou've spent the night in the bathroom after eating some questionable takeout food, and you're still feeling queasy. What are you going to tell your boss?
Don't Forget Your Mask: Drifting Smoke Causing Health Concerns in SacramentoIt’s been a week since the Camp Fire began and drifting smoke is bringing health concerns to the valley. Medical professionals say continued exposure to the smoke can be dangerous.
Science Confirms What The Heart Already Knows: Hugs Really Do Make You Feel BetterFeeling down in the dumps? Stressed? A little off-kilter because of some disagreement? Hug it out!
FDA Approves First New Type Of Flu Drug In 2 DecadesThe new pill, Xofluza, can reduce flu symptoms after one just dose.
4 Ways A Shorter Workweek Could Help You Live LongerThe number of hours you log at work each week can have a significant impact on your health and your longevity — especially if you overwork.
Popular Keto Low-Carb Diet Could Have Long-Term Consequences, New Studies Reveal
Baby Poop 'Cocktail' May Help Fight Cancer, Researchers ClaimA team of scientists is claiming that baby poop contains beneficial bacteria that can be turned into a cancer-fighting "cocktail."