Beating The Heat: People Try To Stay Cool On Third Day Of Triple DigitsDay three of a dangerous heat wave and most people outdoors were turning to the water to keep cool.
Sacramento Zoo Enforces Early Closures As Heatwave Hits ValleyA heatwave hitting the valley has forced the Sacramento Zoo to implement early closures through the end of the week.
NorCal Heatwave Expected To Bring More Triple-Digit Temps To The Valley; No Power Shortages AnticipatedFrom June 17-19, a heatwave moving across Northern California could see temperatures rise well into the triple digits.
NorCal Highs Could Hit 108 On Memorial Day, Sacramento Opens Some Cooling CentersThe unofficial start of summer is going to feel a whole lot like mid-summer, weather forecasters say.
Energy Supply Shortages Not Expected During Memorial Day Weekend Heatwave, Cal ISO SaysCalifornia's power grid operator said it's not anticipating energy supply outages over the next few days as temperatures in the Sacramento Valley could reach as high as 108 degrees on Memorial Day.
NorCal Braces For Another Heatwave: Local Cooling Centers To OpenWith Northern California bracing for a stretch of triple-digit temperatures this Labor Day weekend, several municipalities are opening cooling centers for residents in need to relief from the heat.
Triple-Digit Danger: California ISO Preparing For Labor Day Weekend Heat WaveThe California Independent System Operator is preparing for Labor Day weekend and round two of potential power outages.
Rolling Blackouts Not Likely Wednesday, California ISO Says; Flex Alert Still In PlaceThe California Independent System Operator said no power outages are anticipated for Wednesday night. 
Rolling Blackouts Avoided Tuesday As Heat Wave ContinuesCalifornia's power grid operators were keeping an eye on the thermometer Tuesday after avoiding highly anticipated rolling blackouts a day earlier as an ongoing heatwave stresses the electrical system.
Lightning, Thunder, Showers And Heatwave: NorCal Starts Week With Wild WeatherNorthern California woke up to intense weather early Monday morning - and not just extreme heat.
'Be Prepared For Rolling Outages': Californians Urged To Use Less Electricity Next 4 DaysA statewide flex alert is in place until 10 p.m. Wednesday, due to high energy demand brought on by the heatwave.