Report: Homelessness Increased In Sacramento By 30% In Two YearsEven though the Stockton Boulevard area is being cleared out, the homeless crisis continues all over the city. 
Cops Evicted 70 Homeless People, Now Where Have They Gone?Deputies had issued trespassing warnings last weekend and by Wednesday the camp was cleared out.
Man Tows Home With BicycleA man hopes his house on wheels could be a solution to homeless camps.
Founder Of 'Stockton 209 Cares' Attacked By Group Of Homeless People She Was Trying To Help The founder of a well-known organization in Stockton designed to help the homeless said she was attacked over the weekend by the very group she was there to help.
Transitional Housing Shelter For LGBTQ+ Youth To Open In Midtown LGBTQ+ youth in need of housing could soon find a roof over their head in Sacramento.
California Big City Mayors Seek More Money To Fight HomelessnessGov. Gavin Newsom and California's big city mayors are pushing for more money to help the homeless, on top of the $500 million the state already is spending on one of its most vexing problems.
Gov. Newsom Appoints Sacramento Mayor to Lead Homelessness CommissionThe Governor’s state of the state also zeroed in on a housing crisis that’s left thousands of people on the streets.
New Plan Would Create 134 Units Of Permanent Housing For The Homeless DowntownA new housing plan for the homeless could create 180 units of permanent housing in Downtown Sacramento and Citrus Heights.
Mayor Steinberg Apologizes After Police Move Homeless Outside City Hall During StormThe mayor of Sacramento is apologizing about police efforts to move homeless people seeking shelter outside city hall during the strong storms earlier this month.
Homeowners In Affluent Neighborhood Report Increase In Homeless Camps Near RiverHomeowners in an affluent part of Sacramento County are concerned by what they say is an alarming increase in the homeless population.  
Sacramento Homeless Triage Shelter To Stay Open Until Mid-July A north Sacramento homeless shelter will remain open for another six to twelve months, according to Mayor Darrell Steinberg.