Couple Caught Having Sex In Stockton Neighborhood Sheds Light On Homeless CrisisChealsey Allmon-Encinas was out walking when she said she suddenly saw two people believed to be homeless having sex in her neighbors front yard.
Newsom: 15,000 Hotel Rooms To House Homeless In CaliforniaCalifornia is on its way to acquiring 15,000 hotel rooms to house the homeless during the coronavirus pandemic, said Gov. Gavin Newsom on Saturday as he reminded people to stay indoors while outbreaks continue to crop up throughout the state.
Search On For Rightful Owners After Stash Of Stolen Bicycles Found At Placerville Homeless CampDeputies are trying to find the rightful owners of dozens of bicycles that were discovered at a homeless camp in the Placerville area recently.
Gov. Newsom: California Working To Secure 15,000 Hotel Rooms For Homeless During Coronavirus CrisisCalifornia Gov. Gavin Newsom has announced a new project to try and house the homeless amid the coronavirus crisis.
Few Sheltered As California Aims To Help Homeless Amid CoronavirusFor most of California's estimated 150,000 homeless, the message they're getting - if they get one at all - is to isolate themselves if they feel sick and call a doctor if symptoms worsen.
Homeless And Coronavirus: Sacramento County Says 663 Beds Are Coming To House HomelessMore than 600 beds are coming to Sacramento County to help the homeless during the coronavirus public health crisis. 
California Rushes To Try To Contain Coronavirus Among The HomelessHome to the largest homeless population in the country, California officials are rushing to get tens of thousands of people off the streets and into shelters and tents to slow the spread of the coronavirus among one of the most vulnerable and difficult-to-reach groups.
Gov. Newsom: 60,000 Homeless Could Get CoronavirusAs worries about the spread of the coronavirus confine millions of Californians to their homes, concern is growing about those who have no homes in which to shelter. Gov. Gavin Newsom estimates up to 60,000 homeless could end up infected.
California Big City Mayors Chat Homelessness With NewsomThe mayors of California's biggest cities had a “robust” discussion with Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday, highlighting their opposition to his plan on how to spend $750 million to combat the state's homelessness crisis.
How Will The City Enforce The Homeless Levee Ban?In 29 days Sacramento will start clearing homeless camps from sections of levees and other parts of town.
Sacramento City Council Votes To Ban Homeless Camps On 'Critical City Infrastructure'The Sacramento City Council unanimously voted to ban camping within 25 feet of levees on Tuesday.