Homeless Forced Out By Garden Highway Construction Project Moving Into NeighborhoodsPeople living in South Natomas say the homeless population seems to have grown, overnight. Now we're learning it's because of a major construction project in the Lower Natomas Basin.
Stockton Firefighters Overwhelmed By Homeless Camp FiresFirefighters in Stockton say they're getting overwhelmed. Not with fires at homes or businesses, but with so-called "junk fires."
California Senate Approves Homelessness, Housing BillAssembly Bill 101 incentivizes the construction of housing in some areas and sets aside $650 million in the state budget to address homelessness.
Mayor Steinberg Suggests Adding More Shelter Space As Number Of Homeless IncreasesAccording to a Sacramento Point in Time Survey, the number of homeless increased 19% since the last study in 2017.
American River Homeless Crews Work To Clean Up TrashNow that homeless camps are permitted in the area of the American River, some say the problem is growing, but it's actually the homeless community working to clean it up.
Churches Work To Fight Homelessness By Building In 'God's Backyard'They're working on a six-unit duplex of tiny one-bedroom houses with anticipated rents of less than $600 a month.
Transients Reach New Heights In Bay AreaThe homeless crisis in the Bay Area has reached new heights, literally, as transients live in tree houses in Alameda County.
Congressman Harder Co-Sponsors Bill To Tackle Homelessness In Central ValleyCongressman Josh Harder visited a homeless encampment in Modesto to tell CBS13 about a new bill he co-sponsored to address the “root causes” of the crisis.
Firefighters Say Non-Emergency 911 Calls Are Running Up Response TimesThe homeless population in Sacramento is growing, as are the 911 calls about them.
Fire Damages Dining Room At Loaves & Fishes Women And Families Day ShelterA fire that damaged Loaves & Fishes’ dining room is not expected to significantly affect the shelter’s operations, officials say.
Veteran Suffers Broken Ribs And Collapsed Lung After Tripod Thrown Onto I-5 Impales Minivan, Group SaysThe tripod thrown off a bridge onto Interstate 5 injured a veteran riding in a minivan passing below, a military family support group says.
Community Leaders React To State Spending On Homelessness, EducationPart of the package comes with $100 million for mental health services that would address the shortage of qualified mental health professionals.
Newsom On Billion Dollar Homeless Budget: 'It's About The State Acknowledging Cities Can't Do This Alone'CBS13 Investigator Julie Watts sat down with Newsom Thursday and asked for his response that story in light of the billion dollars in his budget aimed at the homeless crisis. 
Homeless Man Accused Of Openly Pleasuring Himself In Downtown SacramentoPeople living in downtown say they don’t feel comfortable in their own home. Some are even moving, all because of a homeless man. 
Report: Homelessness Increased In Sacramento By 30% In Two YearsEven though the Stockton Boulevard area is being cleared out, the homeless crisis continues all over the city.