More Multi-Housing Units Coming To California After SB 9 Signed Into LawA solution to solving the housing crisis? Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law on Thursday that would require cities to approve more multi-unit housing in single-family zones—but not everyone is on board.
California Advances Zoning Bills To Promote Scarce HousingCalifornia lawmakers on Thursday advanced the second of two measures designed to cut through local zoning ordinances, spurred by a shortage of affordable housing, rising home prices and an increasing homeless population.
Neighbors Uneasy with Evacuation Plan for Growing Plumas Lake DevelopmentThey're concerned hundreds of new homes are going up, but there’s still only one road to get in and out.
Coronavirus Impact: Nearly One-Third Of Americans Didn't Pay April Rent, New Data ShowsOf more than 13 million units in the US that the report covered, 69% of renters paid their rent between April 1 and 5, according to the National Multifamily Housing Council. During the same period in April 2019, 82% of households paid their rent on time, the report said.
Houses Selling In Sacramento County Despite COVID-19 LockdownIt's no easy task selling a house under a stay at home order. The "For Sale" signs are still out and realtors are taking them on but how does that work when no one can go out to actually see their new dream home?
After Failure, California Leaders Vow To Pass Housing BillDesperate for more housing in the nation's most populous state, the leader of the California Senate committed Thursday to passing a law this year to boost production in a state facing a shortage of 3.5 million homes.
Statewide Rent Control Bill AB1482 Passes State Senate, Heads To Gov. Newsom's DeskThe California Assembly on Wednesday passed a statewide rent control bill that caps rents increases at five percent plus inflation.
City Hall Turned Into Housing?The proposed housing complex would be called “The Lofts at The Hall.”
California Leaders Propose Rewards, Fines To Spur HousingFaced with a crippling housing shortage that is driving prices up while putting more people on the streets, California's governor and legislative leaders agreed Thursday on a plan to reward local governments that make it easier to build more housing faster and punish those that don't.
Google Puts Up $1B To Ease Housing Headaches It Helped CauseGoogle is pouring $1 billion into easing the high-priced housing headaches that it and its Silicon Valley peers helped give the San Francisco Bay Area.
Churches Work To Fight Homelessness By Building In 'God's Backyard'They're working on a six-unit duplex of tiny one-bedroom houses with anticipated rents of less than $600 a month.