Former UC Davis Professor Going To Olympics, Then PrisonA former UC Davis professor is heading to the Tokyo Olympics despite being sentenced to prison. 
'I’m Not Dead!' Sacramento Mom Denied Stimulus Money, Tax Returns, Because IRS Says She’s DeadA living mother of four hasn't been able to file her taxes in two years because the IRS thinks she's dead.
Tax Refunds Delayed As May 17 Filing Deadline ArrivesCOVID and the policies to help fight its economic implications have put the IRS far behind in its processing of tax returns.
Stimulus Check Update: Social Security Recipients Left Waiting Could Receive Relief Payments SoonThe IRS is preparing to send stimulus checks to millions of Social Security recipients still awaiting payments because they don't file taxes.
IRS Tax Filing Deadline To Be Pushed Back To May 17The postponement of the deadline will allow taxpayers and tax preparers extra time to work through the ongoing tax issues resulting from the COVID pandemic.
Tax Service Company Says IRS Will Reissue Stimulus Checks Sent To Wrong Bank AccountsAfter the IRS sent millions of stimulus payments to the wrong bank accounts, tax preparation companies said they’ve worked with the IRS to fix the error.
IRS Wants Stimulus Payments Issued To The Dead ReturnedThe IRS says it wants stimulus money sent to the dead returned.
Mixed Messages For Relatives Receiving Stimulus Payments For DeceasedAnne Michaels, a mother of four and grandmother of nine, just received her economic stimulus payment, but there's a problem - she died in 2019.
California DMV Revealed Private Information On 3,200 Drivers
Defendants Plead Guilty To Tax Fraud Conspiracy That Sought Nearly $1M In Tax RefundsThree Northern California defendants have pleaded guilty to a federal tax fraud conspiracy that sought nearly $1 million in fraudulent tax refunds. 
H&R Block Denies 'Peace Of Mind Claim' For Couple After Costly Mistake On TaxesThe couple said they paid extra for this protection from the tax preparer, but they still had to fight to get H&R Block to pay for the mistakes.