49ers Tomsula Names Gabbert Starting QB To Face Seattle As expected, San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Tomsula is sticking with Blaine Gabbert as the starting quarterback after the bye week.
Tomsula Not Saying Whether Kaepernick Will Start Against FalconsJim Tomsula has always said that Colin Kaepernick is his quarterback and has made that commitment almost weekly during San Francisco's struggles this season.
Tomsula Doesn't Say Who 49ers Quarterback Will Be
Team Grades: Where Is Rock Bottom For The 2015 San Francisco 49ers?The San Francisco 49ers have the worst offense in the NFL, and it's probably time to bench quarterback Colin Kaepernick. After all, the team couldn't be much worse with a different QB, could it?
Tomsula Doesn't Believe Kaepernick Is Alone During Struggles
49ers Trying To Keep Even Keel Amid Struggles
49ers Look To Build Momentum In Short Week After Second Win
The Best Reasons to Watch the San Francisco 49ers This WeekIn a little less than 48 hours the San Francisco 49ers take on the Baltimore Ravens in Santa Clara, California. If I would have said that exact same thing 36 months ago it would have been a must-see game of the week.
49ers Find Things To Build On In Fourth Straight Loss
Brooks To Miss Sunday's Game Because Of Sister's Death
49ers Coach Tomsula Remains Confident In QB Kaepernick
49ers' Torrey Smith Frustrated By Offense's Performance
Team Grades: 49ers Better At Home But Still Not Good Enough Against PackersThe San Francisco 49ers embarrassed themselves in Weeks 2 and 3 on the road, but back home for Week 4, they played much better against the best quarterback in the NFL.
Kaepernick Under Fire After Worst NFL Effort Of His CareerEveryone is piling on Colin Kaepernick this week after the San Francisco 49ers quarterback played like a chump on Sunday in a loss at Arizona.
Kaepernick Blocks Out The Chatter About His Worst Game