California Has Regained Nearly Half Of Jobs Lost In COVID-19 PandemicCalifornia has regained nearly half of jobs lost in pandemic
Shortage Of Workers To Fill Jobs Leading To Higher Costs For ConsumersOn the road to reopening, more jobs are hitting the market. But there may be more jobs than people who want to take them.
Silicon Valley Is Starting To Bring Workers Back To The OfficeAfter years of building huge modern offices and a work culture that many industries have emulated, Silicon Valley was among the first to shutter those offices and go fully remote when the coronavirus pandemic began.
Impending California COVID-19 Curfew Rules Threaten October Job GainsAny positive job growth news is now being tempered with the reality that the vast majority of Californians set to be under curfew starting on Saturday.
Workers Fear Cyborgs Will Steal Their Jobs By 2035Workers worry that in the not-too-distant future they will be sidelined by humans implanted with performance-enhancing microchips.
Study: 61% Of Americans Looking For Jobs Right Now Want To Switch CareersThe pandemic has hit the US economy and job market hard, battering some industries beyond recognition. That's inspired many job seekers to change careers altogether, according to a new study.
Before New Closures, California Added Record 558,000 JobsCalifornia added a record 558,000 jobs in June as many more businesses reopened but the gains announced Friday by the state are expected to be short-lived because of new closures put into effect in July as the coronavirus surged.
Coronavirus Economy: Gov. Newsom Announces Help For Small Businesses, New Critical Industry Job Posting WebsiteGov. Gavin Newsom announced on Thursday several new tools to try and help small businesses and workers get through the coronavirus pandemic.
NASA Is Now Accepting Applications For New AstronautsThe moment is finally here. NASA is now accepting applications for aspiring astronauts.
City Of Sacramento To Starting Hiring For Hundreds Of Summer JobsLooking for a summer job? The City of Sacramento will soon start hiring.
New Obstacle To Landing Job After College: Getting Approved By AIStudents are being braced for a stark new reality: Being vetted for jobs in part by artificial intelligence.