Folsom School Owner Credits Hard Work And Determination For Success"I couldn’t be happier with my decision to pursue this career path, but it takes a lot of hard work and determination to make the school the best it can be for the children, families, teachers and the community," said Kaylee Agaman.
Sacramento Entrepreneur Urges Young Professionals To Utilize Social Media"Represent yourself and your professional skills in an authentic yet professional way." advises Nick Leffler.
Infusion Nurse Would Recommend Nursing As The Perfect Career For Anyone"Nursing is the perfect career for anyone. Nurses are needed all over the world in an enormous variety of manners," says Heidi Wieser.
Sacramento Director Urges Budding Marketers To Know Future Trends"In order to excel in a marketing career, you’ll need to understand how that ties into a company’s overall objectives and goals," advises Janelle Johnson.
California Employment Department Gives Hiring Boost To Local VeteransNovember 11 saw Veterans Day come and go, but the fine people at the California Employment Development Department are making sure that those veterans that are living among us find jobs that match the skills they've learned while on tours of duty.
Psychology Professor Urges Educators To Remain Passionate"Enjoy your work and field of study, because you want to maintain a high level of enthusiasm and passion for what you're teaching," encourages Dr. Ross Avilia.
Educator Urges Others To Become A Teacher For The Right Reasons"Go into teaching if building a child's confidence, seeing the joy of understanding in a young face and getting a hug completes your day," says George Young.
Nursing Professor Encourages Others To Remain Educated, Flexible"Be flexible and open to new adventures along the way because technology may change how you achieve your goals," encourages Harriette Carr.
Sacramento Entrepreneur Motivates Students To Explore, Learn And Experience"Let college be a total learning experience... You are right where you need to be, so learn from everything around you and change course as needed at any age," encourages Cheryl Laughlin.
Sacramento Chemist Uses Technology To Increase Crop Efficiency"As a chemist, the most interesting aspect is the scientific component. The products we develop will make it possible to feed a growing global population that is expected to reach nine billion people by 2050." says Tamara Meragelman.
Sacramento Tech Software Architect Advocates For Continuous Improvement"Never stop learning! Never stop trying to figure out how to do what you do a little better. Always be a little better than you were the year before," encourages Eric Todd.
Sacramento's Low Unemployment Is Driven By Government HiringThis increase in employment is largely in part to government jobs which saw an increase of over 3,000 jobs from last month. A closer peek will reveal that local government jobs were to thank for that.
Sacramento Life Coach Advocates For Life Long Learning And CuriosityAt first glance, you wouldn't think that someone with a degree in mathematics would one day become a successful life coach, but for Amy Eliza Wong, that's the story.
Sacramento Area Business Owners Suggest Taking A Proactive ApproachA strong foundation of hard work, the passion to make a difference and a solid foundation in basic business principles are required for any business to ultimately succeed. Matthew and Arlette Woods seem to have all those bases covered.
Sacramento DirectorTakes A Practical Approach To Higher EducationAs Director of Assessment at California Northstate University College of Pharmacy, Sukhvir Kaur makes sure that the College of Pharmacy's mission and strategic initiatives are being met.