Boosted Californians Getting COVID At Twice The Rate Of Those Vaccinated But Not BoostedPeople who are boosted are getting COVID at twice the rate of people who are vaccinated but not boosted. They're also being hospitalized at a higher rate. But experts say this doesn't mean you're twice as likely to get COVID after a boost.
Too Much Rent Relief? CBS13 Investigates Rent Relief OverpaymentsAre some landlords getting too much rent relief while others struggle to get paid? CBS13 investigates rent relief overpayments.
Whistleblower Protection Legislation Moves Forward - Following Investigations Into Troubled COVID Testing LabThe "Whistleblower Protection Act" unanimously passed out of the Senate Committee on Judiciary Tuesday, and now moves on to the Senate Appropriations Committee. It is one of two pieces of legislation that were introduced by State Senator Scott Wilk in response to CBS13’s year-long investigation into the state’s troubled COVID-19 testing lab.
CBS13 Investigates: California To Shut Down Troubled COVID-19 Testing LabCBS13 has learned the state is terminating its $1.7 billion no-bid contract with PerkinElmer, the private company that runs the taxpayer-funded lab.
CBS13 Investigates: 'Forever Chemicals,' COVID And Results From A New At-Home PFAS TestIn addition to many other health concerns, emerging research suggests higher levels of these PFAS "forever chemicals" in the body may lead to more severe COVID symptoms and may reduce the effectiveness of vaccines. A new test now allows the general public to identify the level of PFAS in their bodies at home.
Sacramento City Unified Strike Possible Ripple Effects: Extra School Days Tacked On At End Of YearFriday marked day three of the Sacramento City Unified School District strike -- and as we head into the weekend, there's no end in sight. But could the missed school days have a ripple effect on families even after the strike ends?
Medical School At Center Of Sleep Train Arena Revitalization Plan Is Denied Full AccreditationThe Sacramento City Council approved a plan Tuesday to make California Northstate University’s planned teaching hospital the centerpiece of their Sleep Train Arena revitalization plan – known as Innovation Park. But CBS13 has learned the for-profit medical school was recently denied full accreditation.
California Stores DNA From Every Baby: Renewed DNA Privacy Concerns Following SFPD Rape-Kit AllegationsIn the wake of the controversy over allegations that San Francisco police used a victim's rape-kit DNA to later identify her as a suspect in a crime, there are renewed privacy concerns related to California's biobank, which stores DNA samples from nearly every child born in the state.
CBS13 COVID Lab Investigation Prompts New Legislation to Protect Whistleblowers & TaxpayersState Senator Wilk introduced two new pieces of legislation in response to CBS13's year-long whistleblower investigation into public health failures at the state's troubled COVID-19 testing lab.
Troubled CA COVID Lab Returns Fewer Than 1 Out Of 5 Results Within Required 48hrs During Omicron SurgeCalifornia’s amended budget bill allocates $217 million to the state’s troubled PerkinElmer COVID testing lab, as the lab continues to fail to fulfill the mandates in its recently renewed $1.7 billion no-bid state contract.
State Inspections Confirm Whistleblower Allegations At Troubled California COVID LabThe long-overdue report of state inspections at California's troubled COVID testing lab is finally public. The findings confirm CBS13 whistleblower allegations and that the lab "pose(d) immediate jeopardy to patient health and safety."