Coronavirus Surge: Local Experts Say California's Peak Could Come In 11 Days Or MoreData shows our peak here in California is currently projected 11 days from now, with 70 deaths that day. 
Coronavirus Unemployment Application Problems: Lessons Learned So FarSome of the first people who filed for unemployment during the pandemic are getting their claims approved — and denied.
Governor’s Eviction Order Only Protects Renters Who Don’t PayWith millions of Californians out of work, the governor issued an executive order last week banning evictions for the next 60 days, but CBS13 has learned the order only protects people who do not pay their rent. 
Coronavirus Unemployment Concerns: EDD Printing Errors?As if applying for unemployment wasn’t nerve-wracking enough, CBS13 has learned of printing errors on some letters from the Employment Development Department (EDD) that are causing confusion, undue stress and potentially compromising peoples identities.
Coronavirus Unemployment: When Will You Get Your Payment?Under normal circumstances, it takes three weeks to get your first payment from the EDD after filing, and they hope to stick to that. At the current rate, it could take 5 weeks.
Coronavirus Unemployment: Help for the Self-EmployedWhile millions of Americans now qualify for unemployment benefits and disability, millions who are self-employed don’t. 
Coronavirus: Can Your Child Still Go to Preschool? If Not, Do You Still Have to Pay?Amid the stay-at-home order, there has been a lot of confusion and concern about preschools and childcare facilities that remain open.
Tale Of Two Cruises: Why Are Some Passengers Being Quarantined While Others Went Home?Nearly 1,000 Californians who were on the Grand Princess cruise ship are now off to military quarantines.
California Schools Violating Pesticide Law – CBS13 Investigates: Weed Killer Warnings On CampusWhen a local grandma saw Roundup weed killer warning signs posted at three of her grandsons’ schools, she had questions that the schools couldn’t answer. 
Questions Over Contaminated Water And Air In RiponParents of kids with cancer were expecting to get answers about their concerns over contaminated water and air. But as CBS13's Julie Watts discovered, the public meeting in Ripon left people pretty frustrated.
CBS13 Investigates: Veterinarians At Greater Risk of Suicide — Why, And What Can Be Done?A recent CDC study found male veterinarians are more than twice as likely to die by suicide than the general population. Female vets are three-and-a-half times as likely to die.