Some Daycares Continue To Use Recalled SleepersSome daycare centers nationwide are still using those sleepers blamed for dozens of infant deaths, despite a voluntary recall. 
Weed Killer Found In Kids At Higher Levels Than ParentsAs the EPA decides whether to re-approve the weed-killing ingredient in Roundup for another 15 years, a new report finds 90% of the families tested have that chemical in their bodies, and most kids had much more than their parents.
Report: 1 Out Of 5 California Schools Found Detectable Levels Of Lead In Drinking WaterLead is linked to learning disabilities, behavior problems and many other health effects.
Could A New Cell Tower Hurt You Financially? CBS13 InvestigatesA new cell tower could put a Folsom preschool out of business as dozens of parents say they’ll leave due to potential health concerns.
Investigation: Uncovering Misconduct By One Of Air Force's Largest LandlordsThe investigation found Belfour Beatty, the same landlord at Travis Air Force Base, misled the Air Force to qualify for millions of dollars in bonus payments at bases nationwide. 
Congressman Harder Questions Lack Of Groundwater Safety Oversight In RiponA local congressman is demanding answers tonight after seeing our reports that uncovered holes in city water records tied to a chemical known to cause cancer.
DUI Suspect Will Not Be Charged For Vehicular Manslaughter In Death Of Premature BabyThe District Attorney confirmed Friday that he will not be charged with vehicular manslaughter, even though the crash killed baby RJ. 
Bill That Would Give California Teachers Paid Family Leave Is One Step Closer To Becoming Law California teachers are one step closer to fully-paid disability leave after having a baby. 
Many Public Employees Not Eligible For Paid Family Leave As Governor Newsom rolls out his plan for extending maternity benefits and paid family leave, CBS13 investigated the loophole that leaves hundreds of thousands of state workers, teachers, firefighters, and other public employees without access to any state-funded paid leave after having a baby.
Newsom On Billion Dollar Homeless Budget: 'It's About The State Acknowledging Cities Can't Do This Alone'CBS13 Investigator Julie Watts sat down with Newsom Thursday and asked for his response that story in light of the billion dollars in his budget aimed at the homeless crisis. 
Ripon Cancer Concerns Spread From Water To VaporMoms of kids with cancer have been concerned about the chemicals found in the water in Ripon. Now their concerns are spreading to the air.