CBS13 Investigates Problems With 'My Turn' Vaccine Sign-Up ToolCounty health departments are reporting major problems with California's "My Turn" vaccine sign-up tool.
PerkinElmer Sues Whistleblower After Allegations About Troubled CA COVID Testing LabFollowing a CBS13 investigation into the state's COVID testing lab and its $1.7 billion contract with PerkinElmer, the company is now effectively suing one whistleblower and indicating it may sue others.
Regulators Find 'Significant Deficiencies' At CA COVID Testing Lab - Whistleblowers RespondState regulators found "significant deficiencies" at the state COVID testing lab that has also been the focus of a CBS13 whistleblower investigation.
‘Inconclusive’ COVID Results Should Be ‘Reported as Positive’ – CA Lab COVID Test No Longer FDA AuthorizedTens of thousands of inconclusive COVID test results from California’s billion-dollar lab should be reported as positive, according to the FDA. The $1.7 billion dollar state lab contract requires test be FDA authorized. It isn’t.
Questionable COVID Results - More Concerning Whistleblower Allegations From State COVID LabNew whistleblowers are coming forward following a CBS13 investigation into California’s billion-dollar COVID testing lab - sharing new allegations including concerns over compromised COVID results after quality controls failed.
Who's Investigating Teacher Abuse Investigations?School districts are supposed to protect kids from predators, but far too often they don’t.
CA's Billion-Dollar COVID Testing Lab Under Investigation Following CBS13 Whistleblower ReportOne day after a CBS13 investigation revealed shocking whistleblower allegations from inside California's billion-dollar COVID testing lab, state regulators have launched an investigation of their own.
Asleep At Lab: Whistleblower Allegations From Inside CA’s Billion-Dollar COVID LabLab techs sleeping while processing COVID samples for testing. COVID test swabs found in the restrooms. These are just two of the concerning allegations from whistleblowers about what's happening inside the state’s new billion-dollar COVID testing lab.
Raymond Weber's Livestream Of Alleged Homicide Aftermath Stayed Up On YouTube For Nearly 20 HoursThe livestream of the double homicide aftermath in Vacaville amassed tens of thousands of views in the roughly 20 hours before YouTube took it down. But now, and days later, people continue to watch.
Will 'My Turn' App Fix Vaccine Data Delays?It was initially billed as a COVID-19 vaccine sign-up tool, but on Monday Newsom promised the state's new "My Turn" app will also fix vaccine data delays.
CBS13 Investigates: Where Are California’s Unused COVID-19 Vaccine Doses?We’ve been working for weeks to track down California's millions of unused vaccine doses, but the state still can't - or won't - reveal where they are.
EDD Suspends 'High Risk' Accounts To Weed Out FraudIn a tweet this weekend, the Employment Development Department announced it was suspending an unspecified number of accounts in an effort to weed out fraud.
Stay Home Without Pay Or Expose Co-Workers? COVID Sick-Leave Protections End January 1Starting Friday, millions of Americans may be forced to choose between staying home without pay after being exposed to COVID or risk exposing their coworkers.
The Fight For The Right To Grieve: Could The '4th Time Be The Charm' for CA Bereavement Leave Bill?As coronavirus deaths begin to increase, there's a new push for job-protected bereavement leave after a loved one dies.
CBS13 Investigates: CA Still Storing Newborn DNA Without Consent. Golden State Killer Case Raising New ConcernsIt’s a little known fact: California stores newborn blood spots collected from every child born in the state. Parents don’t have to consent, so many don’t even know. So what is the state doing with them and why didn’t they ask permission? CBS13 is getting answers.