SPECIAL REPORT --- THE COVID LAB: State Secrets ExposedThis special report is the culmination of a 14-month investigation that prompted state and federal investigations, new legislation and shined a spotlight on public health dangers that it appears regulators tried to hide.
CBS13 COVID Lab Investigation Prompts New Legislation to Protect Whistleblowers & TaxpayersState Senator Wilk introduced two new pieces of legislation in response to CBS13's year-long whistleblower investigation into public health failures at the state's troubled COVID-19 testing lab.
Troubled CA COVID Lab Returns Fewer Than 1 Out Of 5 Results Within Required 48hrs During Omicron SurgeCalifornia’s amended budget bill allocates $217 million to the state’s troubled PerkinElmer COVID testing lab, as the lab continues to fail to fulfill the mandates in its recently renewed $1.7 billion no-bid state contract.
Lab Experts Criticize State’s Response To Risk Of 'Serious Injury, Harm or Death' At CA COVID Testing LabLab experts are speaking out after CDPH allowed its billion-dollar COVID lab to continue operating for nearly a year while failing to correct deficiencies that posed “immediate jeopardy to patient health and safety” likely to cause “serious injury or harm, or death.”
State Inspections Confirm Whistleblower Allegations At Troubled California COVID LabThe long-overdue report of state inspections at California's troubled COVID testing lab is finally public. The findings confirm CBS13 whistleblower allegations and that the lab "pose(d) immediate jeopardy to patient health and safety."
CBS13 Investigates: What's In Your Water?There's been a lot of talk about drinking water over the past month. This all has some wondering, how do you really know what's in your drinking water?
Theranos Trial Reveals Details of Federal Investigation at Troubled CA COVID Lab, Newsom Admin. Renews No-Bid ContractRegulators refused to release investigations into flawed tests at the CA COVID lab ahead of its contract renewal. However, in an interesting twist, we're learning more about what they found, thanks to the Elizabeth Holmes Theranos trial.
What's California's Department of Public Health Hiding At The $1.7B COVID Testing Lab? Lawmakers Demand AnswersState Senate Republican Leader, Scott Wilk, is demanding answers from the Department of Public Health following an ongoing CBS13 investigation into shocking public health failures at the state's $1.7 billion COVID testing lab. The state said it would make it's investigation public by mid-March but now says "the investigation is ongoing" as problems continue and the lab contract is set to renew at the end of the month. 
Kid COVID Vaccine Confusion: Who's Approved, Authorized Or Mandated?Pfizer asked the FDA for Emergency Use Authorization of its COVID vaccine for kids 5-11 on Thursday, but on the heels of California's school vaccine mandate, the distinction between "approval," "authorization" and "mandates" is causing confusion for some parents.
One In Three Students At Local California Schools Failed Last Year - But Who's Tracking?It’s no secret that students struggled with distance learning last year, but it's been difficult to quantify the actual impact on California students - until now. 
Lodi Schools Hit With District-Wide Cyber Security IncidentThe district would not confirm whether or not this was a ransomware attack or whether any student data was compromised, but this is not the first cyber security incident at the district.