Proposition 22, Effort To Re-Classifying App-Based Drivers, PassesProposition 22 has passed, the Associated Press has reported. App-based drivers will be classified as “independent contractors,” instead of “employees."
Uber And Lyft Drivers Are Employees, California Court SaysThe decision won't have any immediate impact because it doesn't take effect for at least 30 days, well after the Nov. 3 vote on Proposition 22.
Proposition 22: Exempts App-Based Transportation And Delivery Company From Providing Employee Benefits To Certain DriversProposition 22 classifies app-based drivers as “independent contractors,” instead of “employees,” and provides independent-contractor drivers other compensation, unless certain criteria are met. There could be a minor increase in state income taxes paid by rideshare and delivery company drivers and investors.
$185M Spent By Gig Economy Giants Uber, Lyft And Others To Try And Pass Prop. 22The amount of financing behind the ballot measure — the most expensive proposition in the state's history according to Ballotpedia — underscores how important its passage is to the future of the businesses.
Uber, Lyft Look To Kill California Law On App-Based DriversCalifornians are being asked decide if Uber, Lyft and other app-based drivers should remain independent contractors or be eligible for the benefits that come with being company employees.
After Rides, California Law Could Target Food And Grocery Delivery Services NextBy going after Uber and Lyft's ride-hailing business for allegedly violating a worker classification law, the California Attorney General is taking on what had long been the jewel of the on-demand economy.
Startups Race To Show What Alternatives To Uber And Lyft Could Look Like For California DriversWith hundreds of thousands of Uber and Lyft drivers facing uncertain futures in California, two startups hope drivers will take a chance on their alternative approaches to the ride-hail business.
After Threatening To Suspend California Operations, Appeals Court Gives Reprieve To Uber And LyftAn appeals court has allowed ride-hailing giants Uber and Lyft to continue treating their drivers as independent contractors in California while an appeal works its way through the court.
California Judge Rules Uber, Lyft Drivers Are EmployeesA judge on Monday ordered ride-hailing giants Uber and Lyft to treat their California drivers as employees instead of independent contractors, a shift that would guarantee benefits like overtime, sick leave and expense reimbursement for workers who make up much of the freewheeling gig economy.
California Labor Commissioner Sues Uber And Lyft For Alleged Wage TheftUber and Lyft are facing a new round of legal pressure in their home state of California over how they classify their workers.
California Wants Judge To Force Uber, Lyft To Hire DriversCalifornia's attorney general and a group of city attorneys on Wednesday escalated their lawsuit targeting the business model of ride-hailing giants Uber and Lyft, announcing they will request a judge immediately compel the companies hire its drivers as employees.