Kaiser Mental Health Workers Strike Over Staffing-Level ConcernsKaiser Permanente is the largest health care provider in California. But starting Monday, some 4,000 Kaiser mental health professionals across the state are going on strike.
Firefighters Given Help To Cope With Devastation Of Camp FireFirefighters are the heroes on the front lines of major fires. The job can affect a firefighter’s mental health.
Red Tape Blamed For Nearly $2 Billion In Unspent Mental Health FundsThe money is coming from Prop 63, a tax on high-income residents passed by voters more in 2004.
Elementary School Opens Meditation Room To 'Replace Behaviors'"It's not punishing students; it's helping them to replace behaviors they don't want to have as a response to certain situations."
Study: Child Behavioral Issues Linked To Parents With Childhood TraumaA new study has found a link between the stressful childhoods some parents had and the behavioral issues their own children developed.
Comedy Improv Class Provides Relief For Anxiety SufferersImprov for Anxiety is an eight-week course. Most of the participants struggle with social anxiety, an intense fear of being judged and evaluated negatively by other people.
Major Depression Diagnoses Up 33 Percent Since 2013, Study FindsBlue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA), who insures over 106 million people, reports that major depression cases skyrocketed from 2013 to 2016.
Man Tried To Drown Himself, Now Suing Police Who Saved His LifeA Virginia pool worker, who tried to drown himself during a bipolar episode, is now suing the police officers and lifeguard who saved him because they allegedly took too long to do it.
Sacramento Mayor Calls On Mental Health Professionals To Serve CommunityMayor Steinberg says he wants trained mental health professionals to step forward, volunteer their time, and help serve those in the African American community suffering from mental health trauma.
Screen Time: Mental Health Menace Or Scapegoat?The study comes two weeks after two major investors urged Apple to do more to combat iPhone addiction among young people.
Sacramento County Deputies Working With Counselors On Mental Health CallsSacramento county deputies counselors are teaming up to address the mental health issues in our region.
New Urgent Care Mental Health Clinic Opens In Sacramento CountySacramento County has a new option for people experiencing mental health problems.
Refugees Coming To California Struggle With PTSD And Other Health ProblemsThese former translators, engineers and doctors awarded Special Immigrant Visas must start over in bug-infested, low-rent apartments with minimum-wage jobs while dealing with PTSD and other health problems.
Germanwings Crash: New Rules Needed for Pilot Health Issues
Study: Quitting Facebook Could Make You HappierStaying off Facebook could actually make you happier, according to new research.