Target Raises Its Minimum Wage Nationwide To $13 From $12Target is raising the minimum hourly wage for its workers for the third time in less than two years.
Amazon Announces $15 Minimum Wage For All US EmployeesAmazon is raising its minimum wage to $15 an hour for all US employees.
$15 An Hour Minimum Wage Starts Sunday In San FranciscoCalifornia lawmakers approved a plan two years ago to increase the state's $10 minimum to $15 by 2022.
Here's Where The Minimum Wage Is Going Up In 2018Across the country, many Americans will ring in 2018 with a raise.
Target Hopes Bump In Base Pay Will Attract Top-Quality StaffTarget Corp. is raising its minimum hourly wage for its workers to $11 starting next month and then to $15 by the end of 2020 in a move it says will help it better recruit and retain top-quality staff and provide a better shopping experience for its customers.
Fast Food Workers Nationwide Strike For $15 Minimum WageCooks and cashiers from McDonald's, Burger King and other restaurants planned to walk off the job to call for a $15 an hour minimum wage. It's part of a nationwide demonstration.
Local Business Owners React To Minimum Wage IncreaseMillions of California works will ring in the New Year with a raise. Minimum wage is now $10.50 and over the next five years will incrementally go up to $15.00 by 2022.
Dozens Arrested In Minimum Wage Protests Across The USDozens of people have been arrested as they participated in protests nationwide for a $15 per hour minimum wage.
Supreme Court Refuses To Hear $15 Minimum Wage CaseThe justices refused to hear a challenge to Seattle's law, which franchise owners said discriminates against them by treating them as large businesses.
Florida Pays For Radio Ads Bashing California’s Higher WagesFlorida is going to start airing radio ads criticizing California's decision to raise the minimum wage.
California $15 Minimum Wage Worries Business Owners, Excites WorkersDigger's Deli has been a staple to the community, slicing meat and wrapping sandwiches for 39 years. When it went up for sale three years ago Gigi Warshawsky and her husband put in a bid for what she calls 'Our American Dream.'