Sonoma Ranchers Track, Kill Mountain Lions That Were Hunting LivestockA surveillance camera captured video of a mountain lion ranchers trapped and killed after it attacked their livestock in Sonoma County.
Cougar That Managed To Cross Busy SoCal Freeway Several Times Found DeadA Southern California mountain lion known for successfully crossing the daunting U.S. 101 freeway twice has been found dead.
Cougars Almost Never Attack Humans. But Here Are Possible Reasons This One DidThe fatal cougar attack in Washington state over the weekend isn't just rare; it's basically unheard of.
Authorities: Cougar Kills Mountain Biker, Injures AnotherThe cougar appeared to be stalking two men as they rode their bikes over the weekend in the Cascade Mountains near Seattle.
Hikers At Sequoia National Park Record Encounter With Mountain LionTwo hikers walking a High Sierra trail in California's wilderness encountered a wild mountain lion in their path, videotaping part of the nerve-wracking stare-down with the big cat that lasted nearly half an hour.
Malibu Rancher Now Says She Won't Kill Mountain LionMinutes from the ocean views of Malibu mansions, a rancher has obtained a rare permit to fatally shoot a mountain lion killing livestock.
El Dorado County Residents Report Rise In Mountain Lion Attacks On LivestockOwners of large animals in the hills of El Dorado County say mountain lion attacks are on the rise.
2 Mountain Lion Litters Found In Santa Susana MountainsThe National Park Service has released photos and video of two litters of mountain lion kittens in the Santa Susana Mountains north of Los Angeles.
Wild Mountain Lion May Have Killed Zoo's KoalaOfficials believe P-22, a wild mountain lion that prowls Griffith Park, made a meal of a koala found mauled to death at the Los Angeles Zoo.
VIDEO: Surprise Mountain Lion Kitten Spotted In Southern CaliforniaA biologist studying cougars in the Santa Monica Mountains has discovered a living sibling of two lion kittens recently killed by another animal.
Rat Poison Probably Killed Southern California Mountain LionA well-known mountain lion found on a Malibu trail apparently died from rat poison.