My Say On Blu-Ray: '6 Souls'Five years after it was filmed and three years after it was released overseas, this lackluster thriller has made its way to U.S. stores.
My Say On Blu-Ray: 'Oz The Great And Powerful'From con man to ruler, “Oz the Great and Powerful” tells the story of a man who goes from being a small-time touring magician to becoming the Wizard who one day helps Dorothy Gale return back to Kansas.
My Say On Blu Ray: 'The Newsroom' Season 1Idealistic is perhaps the best word to describe the HBO political drama that takes audiences inside the workings of a fictitious newsroom.
My Say On Blu Ray: 'Red Widow' Season 1The drama is an American adaptation of a Dutch series and follows a widow as she dives into the family business of organized crime, searching for her husband's killer.
My Say On Blu Ray: 'Perception' Season 1If "Perception" seems like something you’ve seen before, it’s because you have in the form of other television shows.
My Say On Blu Ray Blog: 'True Blood' Season 5This Blu-ray package isn't for the average viewer. The features are made for fans looking to really dive deeper into the making of the show.
'Vamps': No Letdown With This Vampire ComedyGive this “Vamps” a chance and you will not be let down. “Vamps” is a girls movie for sure, but guys: do not be afraid. Men and women will both find something to enjoy.
My Say on Blu Ray Blog: The Grey
My Say On Blu Ray Blog: Chuck - The Complete Fifth Season (5/8/12)Chuck is one of those shows that always seemed to fly under the's fans loved it, but it was never a big winner in the ratings.
My Say On Blu Ray Blog: Joyful Noise
My Say on Blu-ray Blog: NEW YEAR'S EVE
My Say On Blu Ray Blog: 'Pillow Talk'There's a scene in "Pillow Talk" in which Rock Hudson is pretending to be gay... to avoid getting tangled with Doris Day. Upon release, the scene probably played hysterically.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Blu-ray
X-Men: First Class