King Tides Could Cause Flooding Along Calif. CoastThe king tide is in effect once again and will last until Wednesday in the Bay Area.
Extremely High Tide Hits California CoastA natural coast rhythm around the winter soltices is bringing the year's highest tides to California shores.
The World's Biggest Ship GraveyardNouadhibou is an African sea town, whose shores serve as the final resting place for more than 300 ships. The rusted hulks that litter its coastal waters are considered an eyesore by many (go figure), but they've brought some unexpected benefits to the local community as well.
Calif. To Consider Listing Great White Sharks On Endangered Species ListThey are the most feared predator in the ocean, but the state of California thinks great white sharks might need a little protection of their own.
‘King Tides’ To Hit Northern California BeachesForecasters are urging people enjoying the Northern California coast to be careful as high tides and big waves hit the region’s beaches during the next few days.
19 Tons Of Pot Dumped At Sea Near US-Mexico BorderThe U.S. Navy says an aircraft carrier group recovered about 19 tons of marijuana dumped from small boats in the Pacific Ocean near California's border with Mexico.
Great White Shark Released From Monterey Bay Aquarium DiesMonterey Bay Aquarium staff are reeling from the sudden death of a young great white shark that had been on exhibit the past few months and was released into the wild last week.
Monterey Bay Aquarium Releases Great White SharkMonterey Bay Aquarium officials successfully released a young great white shark back into the ocean on Tuesday afternoon.
Great White Shark Spotted At Stinson BeachPark officials are limiting water access off Stinson Beach after a great white shark was spotted in the area.
Ocean Mapping Satellite Launch PostponedThe launch of a rocket carrying an ocean science satellite has been postponed until Friday.