Who They Were: Victims Of The Deadliest California WildfirePacific Gas & Electric pleaded guilty Tuesday to killing 84 of the 85 victims of an unprecedented 2018 wildfire in Northern California. A report later released by the district attorney detailed how they died. The remains of two victims are still unidentified.
PG&E Pleads Guilty To 84 Deaths For 2018 Camp FirePacific Gas & Electric confessed Tuesday to killing 84 people in a devastating 2018 wildfire that wiped out the Northern California town of Paradise in November 2018.
PG&E To Plead Guilty To 84 Deaths From Camp FirePacific Gas & Electric is expected to plead guilty to 84 felony counts of involuntary manslaughter during a court hearing in which the nation's largest utility will be confronted with its history of neglect and greed that culminated in a wildfire that wiped out most of a Northern California town.
PG&E Overhauls Its Board Again As Part Of Bankruptcy PromisePacific Gas and Electric on Wednesday announced the latest overhaul of its board of directors in another step toward the nation's largest utility ending its bankruptcy.
PG&E Fixing Broken Gas Line In Elk Grove NeighborhoodPG&E crews are dealing with a broken gas line in Elk Grove early Tuesday afternoon, authorities say.
PG&E Behind On Promises To Ease Effect Of Power Shut-OffsCalifornia's chief utility regulators and a Pacific Gas & Electric executive testified Thursday that the utility is behind on installing devices meant to ease the severity of power shut-offs during potential wildfires and hasn't yet hired and trained emergency response specialists in each county.
PG&E Critics Urge Judge To Reject Utility's Bankruptcy PlanPacific Gas & Electric's proposal to pay $25.5 billion for a series of deadly Northern California wildfires ignited by its equipment faced a final barrage of resistance from critics Thursday, who told a federal judge that the plan will do more to enrich savvy investors than help fire victims rebuild their lives.
Regulators Approve PG&E Bankruptcy Plan Despite Safety FearsCalifornia power regulators are mulling whether to approve Pacific Gas & Electric's $58 billion plan for getting out of a bankruptcy caused by in a series of deadly wildfires.
PG&E's Bankruptcy Trial Opens With Attacks On Voting ProcessAn effort to block Pacific Gas and Electric's path out of bankruptcy kicked off Wednesday's trial on the plan in bankruptcy court as critics of the utility questioned whether the overwhelming vote in favor of the plan by wildfire victims was tainted by conflicts of interest and shoddy counting.
PG&E Nears End Of Bankruptcy Amid Persisting Safety WorriesPacific Gas & Electric limped into bankruptcy vilified for its long-running neglect of a crumbling electrical grid that ignited a succession of horrific Northern California wildfires.
Officials: Email Delays Key Vote On PG&E's Bankruptcy PlanCalifornia power regulators unexpectedly delayed a key vote Thursday on Pacific Gas and Electric's plan for getting out of bankruptcy after saying one of the utility's most outspoken critics sent an improper email attacking the company's proposal to pay wildfire victims.
PG&E's Bankruptcy Plan Wins Support From Wildfire VictimsPacific Gas & Electric's plan for getting out of bankruptcy has won overwhelming support from the victims of deadly Northern California wildfires ignited by the utility's fraying electrical grid, despite concerns that they will be shortchanged by a $13.5 billion fund that's supposed to cover their losses.
Regulators Waive $200M Fine On PG&E For Causing Deadly FiresCalifornia regulators on Thursday suspended a $200 million fine that Pacific Gas & Electric was supposed to pay as punishment for the utility's neglect of electrical equipment that ignited a series of deadly wildfires in Northern California.
PG&E To Purge Most Of Its Board In Fallout From BankruptcyPG&E Corp. will sweep out three-quarters of its board of directors to start with a mostly clean slate when it emerges from a bankruptcy case triggered by deadly wildfires ignited in Northern California by the utility’s neglected electrical grid.
PG&E's Top Exec To End Short Stint At Beleaguered UtilityPG&E Corp. CEO Bill Johnson will step down from his job just 14 months after the nation's largest utility hired him to rescue it from a financial mess.