Anti-Vax Movement Spreads To Pet PopulationThe anti-vaccination movement has spread to our pets. Some owners say they're done with shots for their dogs-- after what they claim happened to their furry friend. Is it a false fear or legitimate concern?
CBD Oil May Help Dogs With Epilepsy Have Fewer SeizuresA pilot study done on more than a dozen dogs shows those treated with CBD had fewer seizures.
California Senate Votes To Allow Voluntary Pet Blood DonorsThe California Senate has voted to let pet owners volunteer their animals to donate blood.
Front Street Shelter Waiving Adoption Fees Through SundayWith kennels packed, Front Street Animal Shelter is waiving adoption fees over the weekend.
USDA Won't Test On Kittens AnymoreThe Agriculture Department announced Tuesday it is discontinuing its practice of infecting kittens with parasites for research purposes.
Cat Thought Lost In Camp Fire Found Mile Away From Where Its Home Once StoodA two-year-old cat that survived more than 100 days in Butte County’s Camp Fire zone is being reunited with his family.
Woman Creates Spiky Kevlar Vest To Protect Her Pups From CoyotesA dog owner is on a mission to keep her pooches safe from coyotes.
New Law Forces Pet Stores To Sell Only Rescue Dogs, Cats And Rabbits A new state law taking effect Tuesday will put a leash on pet store sales, making California the first state to ban retail sales of cats, dogs and rabbits in an effort to crack down on breeding mills.
9Lives Cat Food Recalled For Low Levels Of ThiamineSpecific lots of cat food are being recalled because they may contain low levels of thiamine.
Hundreds Of Animals Affected By The Camp Fire Still Await New HomesEvacuated for a month now from the Camp Fire, animals are still receiving care at this Oroville emergency animal shelter in tents outside the old county hospital.
City Council May Limits Homes To Owning A Maximum Of Six PetsCity leaders in Manteca are preparing to debate over a new ordinance that puts a number on the amount of dog and cats people can own.