New Law Forces Pet Stores To Sell Only Rescue Dogs, Cats And Rabbits A new state law taking effect Tuesday will put a leash on pet store sales, making California the first state to ban retail sales of cats, dogs and rabbits in an effort to crack down on breeding mills.
9Lives Cat Food Recalled For Low Levels Of ThiamineSpecific lots of cat food are being recalled because they may contain low levels of thiamine.
Hundreds Of Animals Affected By The Camp Fire Still Await New HomesEvacuated for a month now from the Camp Fire, animals are still receiving care at this Oroville emergency animal shelter in tents outside the old county hospital.
City Council May Limits Homes To Owning A Maximum Of Six PetsCity leaders in Manteca are preparing to debate over a new ordinance that puts a number on the amount of dog and cats people can own.
Are Your Pets Overwhelmed By The Smoke? Unhealthy Air Quality Affects Them, TooExperts say the poor air quality Northern California is experiencing due to the Camp Fire is not only dangerous to people, but also to pets.
Dog Food Dilemma: Popular Pet Foods Could Prove Harmful For Your Furry FriendJust because it's popular in the dog park, is it really better for your pet?
Dog Survives Week Floating On Couch In Home Flooded By Hurricane FlorenceA team from Humane Society of Missouri (HSMO) drove all the way to North Carolina to rescue animals trapped by the storms. 
Good Samaritans Who Rescue Pets Now Protected By LawFirst responders and "Good Samaritans" are protected by law if they help dogs and cats in an emergency.
FDA Links Popular Flea, Tick Medications To Neurological Problems In Dogs, CatsSome flea and tick medications can cause neurological problems in dogs and cats, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns pet owners.
Man Loses Hands And Feet After Dog-Related InfectionHe initially thought he had a bad case of the flu, but in his blood, doctors discovered a type of bacteria normally found in the mouths of dogs and cats.
When Can You Break A Window To Save A Dog In A Hot Car?A Lodi man is on a mission to save innocent animals trapped inside hot cars after he witnessed an incident and shot video of it.
Paw-ternity Leave: Companies Offer Paid Leave To Care For Sick PetsSome companies across the U.S. are recognizing this and are now offering employees paid leave to care for new puppies or sick pets.
Helping Dogs And Cats In An Emergency Could Become LawFirst responders and "Good Samaritans" may soon be protected by law if they help dogs and cats in an emergency.
Survey: Most Adults Would Dump Partner Who Doesn't Like Their DogLove is no match for man's best friend, according to a new survey which claims that an overwhelming number of adults would dump their partner if they didn't like their dog.
Shelter Dog's Heartwarming 'Freedom Ride' Captures InternetGregory was scheduled to be euthanized at the Franklin County Dog Shelter in Ohio when his new pal Joe Kirk came to pick him up and bring him to safety.