Superintendent Accused Of Defecating On High-School Track Will Get $100,000Kenilworth Public Schools will pay Thomas Tramaglini's full salary until he officially resigns at the end of September. He'll also get two months severance pay and more than $20,000 for unused vacation days.
Neighbor Remembers Man Killed In I-5 Road Rage IncidentDetails are emerging about the man who was beaten to death in a fight on Interstate 5 in Sacramento.
CHP: I-5 Road Rage Incident A Deadly Lesson For DriversAn investigation is underway after a fight sparked by road rage resulted in the deaths of drivers Jason Dykes of Sacramento and Jose Rodriguez of Oroville. Now authorities are asking people to be calm on the roads.
Louisiana Warns Hunters Deer Urine Lures May Spread Brain DiseaseWildlife officials are cautioning hunters that deer urine lures might carry malformed proteins that can spread a fatal brain infection called chronic wasting disease.
Parasite In Cat Poop May Make Humans More Business Savvy, Study SaysA new study is claiming all that cat poop may actually be making some owners more business-savvy entrepreneurs.
Police: 5-Year-Old Girl Found Asleep With Loaded Gun On Her ChestShe was sleeping on a bed filled with trash and rotting food. They noticed the .45-caliber gun inside of a holster resting on her chest.
Man Accused Of Power Washing Feces Covered Dog Pleads Not GuiltyThe owner of a self-service car wash called police last month after viewing security video on her cellphone.
Sacramento Adding Restrooms To Help HomelessIt’s called a “Portland Loo” a single stainless steel stall designed after Portland’s, with flushable toilets, supplies, and maintenance.
Feces, Blood, Needles At Capitol Add Up To Fine For State DepartmentState maintenance workers with the Department of General Services complained to Cal OSHA, that they have to clean it up without proper gear.
Police: Man Washed Dogs 'Covered In Feces' At Car WashA 49-year-old man faces misdemeanor animal cruelty charges after a high-pressure car sprayer was used to clean his two dogs.
Wendy's Employee Finds Live Mouse In Bag Of Burger BunsAn employee at an Oklahoma Wendy's franchise posted a video to Facebook of a live mouse inside a bag of burger buns.
Goose Poop Won't Lower Billionaire's Property TaxesHundreds of pooping geese didn't get billionaire Tom Golisano a property tax break.
Prosecutor: Envelope Supposedly Containing Information In Case Only Contained Evidence Of LunchA man who gave prosecutors an envelope containing feces is heading to prison for an armed robbery in Pennsylvania.
Police: Road Rage Incident Ends With One Man Pooping On AnotherPolice say one man defecated on another man during a road rage episode in Pennsylvania.
Emojis Are So Last Year- Get Ready For A MemojiYou’re not limited to being a robot or a poop emoji anymore — now Apple lets you make your own Animoji, calling it “Memoji.”