Charter School Places Students In College Courses, Cuts $6,000 In CostsAspire Public Schools, a charter school system operating throughout the state of California, prepares its students for college early on.
Art Program Informs Students' Lives at Campolindo High SchoolCampolindo High School urges students to develop artistic perception and create original artwork while learning to appreciate the history of art.
The Princess Project Makes Prom Affordable For Low-Income StudentsNew and nearly-new dresses, shoes and handbags are donated to low-income students so no girl ever has to say no to prom because she can’t afford the clothes.
Storytelling Skills Boosted For Public School Students Through Special ProgramThe Young Storytellers Foundation fills the gap left by creative arts program cuts in schools to help youth's harrowing stories be heard.
Graduation Rates Sore For At-Risk Student Program ParticipantsA San Francisco non-profit has a 100 percent college acceptance rate for the underprivileged high school kids it supports.
Public School Extracurricular Program Fights Threat Of CyberattacksThe threat of cyberattack isn’t going away any time soon, so in a bold move to protect the U.S. from offensive maneuvers targeting our computer networks the Air Force Association initiated Cyber Patriot.
Extra-Curricular Programs In California Contribute To STEM CareersCalifornia’s public school system contribute to STEM careers by offering science-centric activities through after-school programs.
California Non-Profit Empowers Homeless Youth Through The ArtsA local non-profit called Create Now brings thousands of children in need to cultural events like free concerts and plays.
Middle School Arts Programs Built To Enhance Learning Across DisciplinesToday's middle schoolers in California are encouraged to explore visual art concepts important to them, through elective and special interest classes.
High School Visual Arts Programs Help Students Earn ScholarshipsThe Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards for California Public Schools provide a powerful tool for educators and students alike to engage in powerful, meaningful study.
Spelling Bees Teach Public School Students More Than Just SpellingPositioned as showdowns, smack-downs or friendly competitions, spelling bees have a long and storied past in the United States.