Buy It And Try It: Anti-Spill Snack CupIf you've got kids, you've got messes, especially with cereal and snacks. So when we found the "Snack Trap", the spill proof snack cup, we figured, why not buy it and try it?
Buy It And Try It: Easy Off Bam!Bam! It claims to easily remove everyday problems like burned on grease, baked on foods, grimy messes and oily spills.
Buy It And Try It: Il Pelasicuro Potato PeelerIt's a futuristic contraption made of white and orange day-glo plastic.
Buy It And Try It: Magic EraserThe box says: "Discover all the cleaning possibilities". It's a magic eraser that claims to take off everything from crayons to soap scum.
Buy It And Try It: Pasta ExpressIt's our most requested Buy It And Try It item; it's the Pasta Express.
Buy It And Try It: The Amazing Mobile Bug ZapperHave you seen one of these? It's supposed to be part flyswatter, part bug zapper, and it's $9.95. The Amazing Mobile Bug Zapper. A mobile bug zapper? I know just the place to test it.
Buy It And Try It: Pet ChimeIt's the Pet Chime, a portable wireless electronic pet doorbell. Buy the device for $29.95 and you can teach your dog to ring it, whenever they have to go do the doo.
Buy It And Try It: The Ove GloveIt says it's great for the kitchen, the barbecue and handling hot surfaces. But do we really need something like the Ove Glove? We put it to the test.
Buy It And Try It: The Ding KingIt's inevitable. You park your car and somebody will always park next to you. And if you're like us and you've doubled the population of your building, the parking decreases, and the dings and dents increase.
Buy It And Try It: The 'Auto Cool' Car FanIt sounds like a pretty solid idea. The $14.99 Auto Cool pulls the hot air out of your car while you sit, hopefully in air-conditioned comfort at work or home.
Buy It And Try It: The Grease BulletThe name says it all: The Grease Bullet. This pack of pills in a silver bullet-shaped package cost us ten bucks at Walgreens.