Buy It And Try It: Tide To-Go StickMeet Carolyn Pecinovsky and daughter Sharon.They've got a hobby buying and trying advertised products.
Buy It And Try It : Dryer BallsHey mom, this towel is soooo soft!
Buy It And Try It: Miracle ClothHousekeeper Larry Harrison says it takes all these products to clean the average home.
Buy It And Try It: Shed EnderBruno the husky mix is one furry dog, check out his thick coat!
Buy It And Try It: The EggstractorThe Eggstractor says it'll save you valuable time in the kitchen. All you do is put a hard boiled egg in, and out pops your peeled egg. But is it all it's cracked up to be?
Buy It And Try It: Super BatteryMeet a couple of self proclaimed geeks. That's Dustin Baly and this is Gina Manea who doesn't want to be mistaken for a nerd.
Buy It And Try It: Skip DoctorIt's called the skip doctor. First though, let's talk about just how CDs and DVDs get scratched to begin with.
Buy It And Try It: Thermo SpatulaWith lights for the level of "done"ness, and a small probe, the Thermo Spatula pitches itself as a temperature sensitive tool.
Buy It And Try It: Chop WizardIf you're not good with cutting fruits and vegetables a company called Vidalia claims they're product is for you.
Buy It And Try It: Mr.Clean Auto DryGood day Sacramento's weather guy Cody Stark washes his car about once a month, but it rarely comes out the way he likes.
Buy It And Try It: One Touch Can OpenerYuck! There must be an easier way to open a can! The One Touch Can Opener claims to take out the effort and the mess of canned-food cooking for just $19.95.
Buy It And Try It: The Speed SensorAh, baseball, America's pastime. And here in Sacramento, the boys of summer at Sac City Community College are building on an already great baseball tradition.
Buy It And Try It: The Garage LazerIt happened before Dave Grashoff moved into his Roseville home. The elderly guy who lived here before crashed his car, right through the back wall of the garage.
Buy It And Try It: The Space BagIt claims to triple your storage space, either in your closet, or your suitcase, just by vacuum packing. It's the Space Bag. So could it really work? We found just the person to help us buy it and try it.
Buy It And Try It: The Oxi Clean Detergent Ball Never clean, never measure. That's the claim of the Oxi-Clean "Toss-N-Go" detergent dispenser. So we gave the detergent to a determined producer who often has his hands full.