Buy It And Try It: The Mosquito Ring ToneJust go into a classroom, and ask the kids to play their ring tones at once, you'll hear complete chaos. But at Buljan Middle School in Roseville, cell phones can't be used, they're banned.
Buy It And Try It: The Ultrasonic CleanerIt's valuable, it's sentimental, and can be a challenge to keep shiny. Ted Grebitus should know. In the jewelry business for 30-years, he runs Grebitus and Sons Fine Jewelry at the Downtown Plaza.
Buy It And Try It: The MXZ Pocket SawAt Homewood Lumber in Loomis they have a good time, and they've got lots of stuff to saw through. It's the perfect place to pay a visit after seeing an infomercial for the MXZ Pocket Saw.
Buy It And Try It: The Houdini CorkscrewAt 58 Degrees and Holding wine store and bar they've got lots of wine. They sell 58 wines by the glass.
Buy It And Try It: Hands Free SpeakerphoneIt is a speakerphone for your cell. No plugs, no wires, no radio. But does it work?
Buy It And Try It: The Automatic Shower CleanerLike most moms, Debbie Brown is busy. Three-year-old Jessica and one-year-old Ryan demand much of her time, and that cuts into bathroom cleaning time.
Buy It And Try It: The Simple Start Car BoosterYou never want to be stuck on the side of the road in a rainstorm with a dead battery.
Buy It And Try It: The Space BagGood Day Sacramento entertainment reporter Mark S. Allen is on the road a lot.
Buy It And Try It: The Pet VacuumA group of special dogs get to come to work with their handlers at Sacramento's SPCA, and that means quite a collection of dog hair!
Buy It And Try It: The White LightLauren Hockenson says white teeth are everywhere.
Buy It And Try It: The Egg & Muffin ToasterFor more than 50 years Little Joes on Del Paso has been an institution. It sits along old U.S. 40. Here they still use a cash register from 1959.
Buy It And Try It: Hercules HookIf you've ever hung something pretty heavy you know it's a pain finding the stud in the wall. But you won't have to do that with the Hercules Hook.
Buy It And Try It: CarMDThe claim is that you can check your car's health with this little computer. It's called the CarMD.
Buy-It-And-Try-It: Stolen Goods and claim you can get quite a value on stolen goods. Kurtis decided to 'Buy-It-And-Try-It' to see if it was true.
Buy It And Try It: Remove Those Tough StainsMost stain removers claim they'll get the stains out. However, that's not always the case. We see which ones do the job.