Commercial Marijuana Growers Buying Up Space In Sacramento At Unprecedented RateIt's only fitting the grass grows wild – and the weeds reach for the sun – in this mostly industrial south Sacramento neighborhood considered by real estate experts to be one of the hot zones for commercial marijuana "grows.”
Marijuana Advocates Worried If Jeff Sessions Named Attorney GeneralSupporters and opponents of marijuana legalization woke up to the news on Friday. Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions is Donald Trump's choice as the nation’s top law enforcement official.
Proposition 64: Marijuana Changes Will Have Big Impact On Certain Pot ChargesOne of the provisions that takes effect immediately is the decriminalization of certain pot charges, which is having a dramatic impact on hundreds of lives.
Proposition 64: Legal Recreational Marijuana Raises Concerns For Medical Pot GrowsIt’s a part of the law that has some worried about the future of medical marijuana grows and police concerned about enforcement.
Proposition 64: How Will Legalized Marijuana Affect California Workplaces? There is a cloud around many marijuana questions now that recreational use is legal in California, especially when it comes to employee and employer relationships and the boundaries between work and home.
Prop. 64: You Can Smoke Pot In Your Home, But When Can You Buy It?Under the measure, no one can consume pot in public or carry it near places like schools. The courts and people facing marijuana possession charges were affected immediately as well.
California Approves Prop. 63, Expanding Tough Gun Control MeasuresCalifornia voters have expanded some of the nation's toughest gun control measures.
As Recreational Legalization Vote Looms, Medical Pot Looks To Stay Ahead Of The CurveIn case the proposed recreational legislation passes this November, some cannabis advocates are positioning themselves to influence forming California’s marijuana's regulations.
Prop 64: Would Weed Legalization Hurt California's Image?Marijuana is a budding industry in Colorado. There are more than 2,500 marijuana-related business licensed in the state.
Prop 64: As THC Levels Hit New Highs, Health Effects Of Marijuana Still A Big UnknownColorado consistently leads the nation when it comes to marijuana use, but teen use has stayed almost the same since legalization.
Prop 64: How Much Money Could Legal Weed Bring In – And Where Would It Go?Supporters of legalization point to record tourism and an economic boom in Colorado. But it’s more complicated than that.