Court: California School Board's Prayers UnconstitutionalA U.S. appeals court says a Southern California school board's policy of opening meetings with a prayer is unconstitutional in part because the prayers often invoke Christianity.
Man Claims Restaurant Asked Him To Leave For Wearing CrossAn Indiana man and his pastor are claiming that a local restaurant profiled them and threatened to throw the man out for wearing a cross in public.
Bibles Pulled From Online Stores As China Increases Control Of ReligionThe Bible appears to have been removed from online marketplaces in China, as Beijing clamps down on how its citizens practice religion.
By 2040, Islam Could Be The Second-Largest Religion In The USThe Muslim population is growing, and in the next two decades Muslims could become the second-largest religious group in the United States.
New Ad Campaign Turns Spotlight On SikhsA new ad campaign wants to bring awareness about major world religion Sikhism. More than 25 million people practice the religion, with a huge population here in the Sacramento Valley.
Calif. Prison Guard Claims He Was Harassed Because Of His Race, Religion A Northern California prison guard has filed a lawsuit alleging co-workers harassed him because of his race and religion.
LDS Church Leader: Protection For Religious Freedom Of Speech ErodingA high-ranking Mormon leader said he believes protections for religious freedom of speech are eroding.
Sacramento Church Offering Drive-Thru Ashes One church in Sacramento is making sure that busy people who maybe don't have the time for a full service are able to celebrate Ash Wednesday.
Ash Wednesday: Mardi Gras Revelry Ends, Lenten Season Begins The merriment of Mardi Gras has ended and the solemn season of Lent has begun Wednesday.
McDonald's To Pay $50,000 To Muslim Employee In Discrimination LawsuitMcDonald's has agreed to pay $50,000 to settle a lawsuit that claimed it discriminated against a Muslim employee in Fresno who wasn't allowed to grow a beard.
Radio Host Who Predicted World's End DiesHarold Camping warned Judgement Day would be on hand in May, 2011.