Coronavirus Closures Wallop California Restaurants AgainHomayoun Dariyani was training servers and cooks for his soon-to-open gourmet hamburger grill in March when California abruptly shut down dine-in restaurants to slow the spread of the coronavirus.
Self-Serve Salad Bars, All-You-Can-Eat Buffets Face Uncertain Future In The Age Of CoronavirusSelf-serve buffets and all-you-can-eat salad bars are, by design, hands-on affairs. So where's their place in a hands-off world?
Some Eager, Some Wary Of Health Risk As El Dorado County Restaurants ReopenPeople can now eat at restaurants and shop at the mall, with safety precautions in place.
Restaurants May Need To Consider Airflow When Reopening Indoor SeatingNew research finds the coronavirus can travel farther than six feet if it's caught up in an airstream. 
California Recommends Masks For Servers, Disposable Menus, Encouraging Take-OutCalifornia is recommending restaurants screen guests for symptoms, have servers wear masks and keep diners at least six feet apart once they reopen under guidance released Tuesday to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
Hard-Hit Restaurants Await Guidelines From Gov. Newsom For Reopening Dining RoomsCalifornia restaurants waiting for permission to reopen to diners have been preparing for the "new normal" in the age of the coronavirus.
Gov. Newsom Says He’ll Release Guidance On Limited Dine-In Service For Restaurants Next WeekCalifornia Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday issued the broadest loosening of his stay-at-home order so far, allowing some retailers to reopen but not have customers in stores.
California Restaurants Envision Big Changes In ReopeningCalifornia restaurants have drafted a plan to allow the industry to reopen for sit-down dining with an array of safeguards while avoiding possible requirements imposed in other states that customers have their temperature taken or the number of tables be dramatically limited.
How Can Restaurants Recover From Coronavirus?Jason Bowell, assistant general manager of New York's venerable Beatrice Inn and restaurant industry veteran, sees staff retention as key to a strong comeback.
Restaurant Survival: 'We're Scrambling To Change Our Business Model'One year after it earned a rare Michelin Guide recommendation, the fine-dining restaurant called Canon has become essentially a drive-through.
California Restaurants Say 30% To Close Without State AidAs many as 30,000 California restaurants could close permanently because of coronavirus restrictions that have shuttered dining rooms and led to widespread layoffs, the industry warned Friday.