California's Better Prepared To Avoid Rolling Blackouts, But Threats RemainCalifornia is better prepared to avoid last summer's rotating blackouts, but the state's power grid is still vulnerable to extreme heat waves that could force more outages later this year, the state's top energy regulators said on Tuesday.
CAISO Cautiously Optimistic Lights Will Stay On, But Rolling Blackouts Still Possible This SummerCalifornia energy officials are warning that the state is at risk of seeing rolling blackouts again this summer.
Poor Planning, Intense Heat Caused California Rolling Blackouts, Report ShowsPoor planning coupled with extreme weather caused rolling blackouts that affected hundreds of thousands of California residents during a brutal August heat wave, energy regulators said Tuesday.
California ISO Lifts Stage 2 Emergency Saturday As Heat, Energy Demand Is HighThe California ISO lifted a stage 2 emergency declared on Saturday after saying rolling blackouts were expected as an intense heat wave is leading to high demand for energy usage.
Californians Urged To Conserve Energy Again Amid Heat WaveCalifornians were urged to conserve electricity again Wednesday as the searing heat wave roasting the West strained the state's electrical grid and raised the threat that another round of rolling blackouts might be needed to reduce the load on the system.
Rolling Blackouts Avoided Tuesday As Heat Wave ContinuesCalifornia's power grid operators were keeping an eye on the thermometer Tuesday after avoiding highly anticipated rolling blackouts a day earlier as an ongoing heatwave stresses the electrical system.
Outages Still Possible This Week As Heat Wave Threatens California Power GridCalifornia is scrambling to maintain control over the state's power supply.
California Avoids More Rolling Blackouts Monday; Flex Alert Still In EffectAfter warnings of rotating power outages, California avoided more blackouts Monday evening.
'Be Prepared For Rolling Outages': Californians Urged To Use Less Electricity Next 4 DaysA statewide flex alert is in place until 10 p.m. Wednesday, due to high energy demand brought on by the heatwave.