Apple Hires Police To Stand Guard At Stores Amid Rash of RobberiesYou might see new faces at Apple stores across the Sacramento region. Apple has contracted with several local police departments to bring police officers in as extra security. This follows a months-long rash of store thefts, by a criminal ring.
Roseville Police See Alarming Increase in 'Grab and Go' RobberiesThere have been at least 15 this year in Roseville, including another Tuesday at an AT&T store on Douglas Boulevard.
Parents Say Autistic Children Returning From Roseville School With BruisesSeveral parents in Roseville claim their autistic children are showing up from school with mysterious bruises.
Thieves Targeting Homes Under ConstructionMore than 3,000 new homes have been built in the last three years, police say all this construction is becoming a bonanza for thieves.
Roseville Police Chief Ready To Close Jail As Soon As This MonthThe long-planned slammer shutdown is suddenly speeding up, because Chief Daniel Hahn says he’s running out of jail employees.
Reported Roseville School Threat Was Just Students Talking About Airsoft GunsThe school district said the fears were unsubstantiated, and that the students were talking about using airsoft guns for recreational use on campus.
Police Watching Roseville High School After Rumors Of Online Threat Of ViolencePolice say they will update parents through the school’s email notification system when their investigation is complete.
Roseville Gas Station Wall Of Shame Aims To Stop Alleged Thieves From Striking AgainA gas station in Roseville has covered a wall with pictures of suspected bad guys taken with the store’s 16 surveillance cameras.
Roseville Police Warning Residents Thieves Are Taking Advantage Of Open Garage DoorsLike many people in the neighborhood, his family left the garage door up while they were home, and someone took the chance to drive up and steal his bike.
Roseville Considering Fines For False Alarms From Security SystemsOfficers responded to nearly 3,000 home and business alarms last year, but only a handful were actual crimes
Facebook Turns Roseville Child Porn Suspect Over To AuthoritiesA Roseville man is behind bars after Facebook contacted authorities about some illegal activity found on the social media site.