Sacramento County Board Votes 'No' On Ordinance, Dozens Face Holiday HomelessnessNo hope to stay home for some renters after the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors failed to pass an emergency ordinance Tuesday.
Sacramento To Turn Back On Red Light CamerasThe Sacramento County Supervisors have approved a two-year contract to turn 25 red light cameras back on. 
County Approves Squirrel Monkey Sanctuary Near GaltAfter more than two years of debate, Sacramento County leaders have finally voted on a proposed new monkey sanctuary near Galt. 
Sheriff Scott Jones Defends Blocking Inspector General, Black Lives Matter Activists Protest MeetingSacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones went before the board of supervisors Tuesday to defend his authority in blocking the county’s inspector general from investigating crimes, including officer-involved shootings. 
Women Need Not Apply? Sacramento Supervisor Wants To Update County LawsLaws that date back more than 100 years outline employee requirements and seem to indicate that only a man should apply.
Sacramento County Cancels ICE ContractThe move was part of a push after a federal audit in 2015 found undocumented immigrants were being treated inhumanely.
Sacramento County Supervisors To Vote On Banning Commercial Marijuana-Related BusinessesThree of the five supervisors have voiced support for the ordinance. Marijuana advocates say the county may be missing out.
Closed Sacramento County Jail Could Become New Home For Animal Rescue GroupThe facility has been closed for five years due to budget cuts, and has been criticized by the Sacramento County grand jury for its vacancy and the county spending $1 million a year to maintain it.
Endangered Toads Put Mather Development Project On HoldIt has a lot to do with a couple of rare species that call the area home and this grassroots organization says they were here first.
Sacramento County Considers Targeting Aggressive Panhandlers“Those people are out there because of the misfortunes they encountered. This is not their job and we need to make them go in the direction that makes them productive in the society," Stockton Boulevard Partnership spokesman Terry Johnson said.
Sacramento County Considering Reducing Affordable Housing RequirementsThere could soon be less affordable housing in Sacramento County. A new proposal would cut the requirements for developers to include low income housing options in half.