Most Drivers Say Safety Tech Has Saved Them From CrashesMost drivers with advanced auto safety technologies in their cars say the features have helped keep them out of crashes, according to a new survey from Consumer Reports.
Community College Turning To Technology To Increase Safety An American River College student was robbed in broad daylight just off campus, meanwhile, the college has been stepping up efforts to make things safer.
Community College Advancing Technology To Make Campus More Safe Los Rios Community Colleges have undergone technological updates over the past year to improve student welfare on campus. 
How To Evade The Leading Cause Of Death In The United StatesAmericans are afraid of a lot of things: public speaking, heights, snakes, clowns and flying, just to name a few. Only some of these things can kill you, and none of them are likely to.
Caught On Camera: Teen Pushed Off Bridge Suffers 5 Broken RibsInstead of safely getting off the bridge, a family friend comes up from behind and apparently pushes an unsuspecting Jordan into the water.
Dad’s Viral Video Of Son Climbing Pool Ladder Warns Parents About Pool SafetyA dad from Attleboro, Massachusetts is using a video of his 2-year-old son to give other parents a warning. Keith Wyman’s video of his son, Cody, shows just how easy it is for kids to get into pools by themselves — even when there are seemingly child-safe measures in place.
Uber Will Conduct Yearly Background, Driving ChecksUber will now require drivers to undergo criminal background checks.
Athletics Extend Protective Netting To Far Ends Of Dugouts The Oakland Athletics will expand protective netting between the stands and the playing field to the far ends of both dugouts ahead of the 2018 season.
Safety Tips For Decorating During The HolidaysMany homeowners go to great lengths to make their homes look festive this time of year, but those displays could pose a risk.
Shoppers On Alert After Several Sacramento-Area RobberiesSeveral robberies around Sacramento County have law enforcement reminding the public to keep their eyes peeled during the holiday shopping season. 
Push For Healthier Nail Salons In California Finding Success It was the swag-bags that convinced community health organizer Julia Liou to redraw the battle plan in a fight to reduce the hazardous chemical exposures of nail-salon workers, most of them low-paid Asian immigrant women.