Man Armed With Medieval-Looking Weapon Arrested In StocktonA man armed with a medieval-looking mace was arrested Wednesday night after reportedly fighting with another person.
Gilligan Goes Home: Sea Lion Rescued From Highway Returns To Ocean After Rehab StintA sea lion that was rescued from the highway near Lathrop earlier this week has been released back into the ocean after spending four days in rehab in Sausalito, the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office said on Friday.
Young Sea Lion Rescued From Highway In San Joaquin CountyA young sea lion was rescued from the highway near Lathrop on Sunday, the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office said.
Man Accused Of Kidnapping Girlfriend, Assaulting Her In San Joaquin CountyA man arrested in Stockton is accused of holding his girlfriend against her will and assaulting her, the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office said.
San Joaquin County's Biggest City Claims They’ve Been Overlooked For Coronavirus Relief FundsThe federal government has allocated $133 million to San Joaquin County in COVID-19 relief funds, but one local official disagrees with how the money is being spent.
San Joaquin County To Apply For Reopening Flexibility As Businesses Get DesperateSan Joaquin County has joined a growing list of communities applying for local control over reopening.
Coronavirus Crime: Sheriffs Weigh-In On Safety Concerns Surrounding Zero Bail OrderThe San Joaquin County Jail has released 95 people under the state’s emergency zero bail order.
San Joaquin County Inmate Found In Possession Of Meth During SearchA San Joaquin County inmate is facing additional felony charges after 5.4 grams of meth were found in her cell on Saturday. 
Coronavirus Closures: San Joaquin County Parks Closed Through April 30In an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus, the San Joaquin County Parks and Recreation District temporarily closed several parks in the county. 
San Joaquin County Inmates Escape Custody While At SF Rehab CenterTwo San Joaquin County inmates are on the run after escaping custody while at a rehab facility in San Francisco Thursday afternoon.
Bone Found May Be Connected To Infamous Speed Freak KillersThe San Joaquin County Sheriff announced a gruesome discovery that could be tied to a serial killer nightmare that ravaged the county just a few decades ago.