Search Crews Out In Force For 1st Clear Day Since Effort To Find Missing Skier At Northstar BeganSearch and rescue crews are taking advantage of the first clear day since the effort to find a skier who went missing at Northstar resort began.
Nearly A Dozen Vehicles Saved By SAR Off Golden State HighwaySAR rescued nearly a dozen vehicles from Gold Lake Hwy., and turned away dozens more that were being routed that way by Google Maps and Apple Maps.
Sacramento Search And Rescue Team Sends 2 To FloridaSacramento firefighters left Friday and will aid with recovery efforts at the partially collapsed building.
Body Of Person Reported Missing From SoCal Found Off Nevada County TrailA person who had been reported missing out of Southern California was found dead in Nevada County, authorities say.
'We’re By No Means Expert Survivalists:' UTV Riders Stranded In Storm Overnight Thankful For HelpWhat was supposed to be a fun few hours in the snow quickly took a dark turn in Nevada County on Sunday.
Caught On Camera: CHP Uses Helicopter To Rescue People Stranded In SnowA week of survival in the Sierra. Crews made unbelievable rescues on camera in the aftermath of last week’s massive storm.
Family Rescued On Rubicon Trail Ahead Of Storm TuesdayA family of four was rescued after their vehicle got stuck on the Rubicon Trail Tuesday afternoon.
With Rise In Risk-Takers, El Dorado County’s Search & Rescue Team Is Prepared For AnythingTravelers are heading to the great outdoors for lockdown relief and putting a strain on local search and rescue agencies, which are warning visitors to be cautious.
Battling Whiteout Conditions And Avalanches, Rescuers Bring Lost Nevada County Skier To SafetyRescuers braved whiteout conditions and avalanches to bring a lost backcountry skier to safety as the snowstorm hit the Sierra over the weekend.
First Responders Warn High Country Visitors To Be Prepared, Despite Lack Of SnowLittle or no snow in February means some campers are taking more risks in the high country - and it cost three men over the weekend when rescuers had to be rescued in Nevada County.
Sacramento's Specialized Rescue Team Sent To Help In Aftermath Of Hurricane DorianDozens of Sacramento firefighters traveled to the East Coast Tuesday to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.