VA Hospital Changes Course, Allows Veteran's Service Dog To Join Him For Alcohol TreatmentArvin said his PTSD leads to him abusing alcohol, so he registered for the VA Menlo Park's 28-day Foundations of Recovery program. He was supposed to leave his San Andreas home Thursday, but the VA said his dog was not welcome.
Impostor Service Animals Posing Growing ProblemIt's an easy law to break, and dog cheats do. By strapping a vest or backpack that says "service animal" to their pet, anyone can go in stores and restaurants where other dogs are banned, creating growing problems for the disabled community and business owners and leading to calls for better identifying the real deal.
Davis Teen Raising Service Dogs For Those With Various Needs Across CountryA Davis teenager is using his love for animals to help people in need by breeding service dogs.
Family Claims Apartment Complex Forced Son To Give Up Service DogA 9-year-old boy with cerebral palsy was forced to give up his service animal. His family says the place they were moving to wouldn't allow the dog, but the complex tells a different story.
Police Help Reunite Blind Oak Park Man With Service DogA blind Oak Park man thanked police Thursday for a small act of service that left a big impression with him.
Service Dog Acts Quickly To Help OwnerRich Armstrong and his service dog were crossing a Modesto theater parking lot about a week ago when a pickup truck barreled toward them, hit them and tossed them both about 30 feet.
Life-Saving Service Dog Now Needs Life-Saving HelpA woman who says her service dog saved her life is now trying to save his life.