ShotSpotter Helping Sacramento Police Crack Down On Celebratory GunfireFor anyone thinking of celebrating Fourth of July by shooting off some rounds, the Sacramento Police Department would like to highlight just how accurate its ShotSpotter system is.
How Does ShotSpotter Differentiate Between Gunshots And Fireworks?As fireworks go off, the city's ShotSpotter gunshot detection system will be on overdrive, so how will it know the difference between gunfire and a firework?
Sacramento Police Want To Expand Shotspotter ProgramThe department plans will ask city leaders on Tuesday to expand the use of Shotspotter, a technology that can pinpoint and map the locations of gunshots to within 25 feet.
Shotspotter Brings Sacramento Police To Shooting That Wounded 1Sacramento Police say a call came in through the Shotspotter system and when officers arrived, they found a group of people engaged in what they're calling an "incident" and a person on the ground in with a gunshot wound to the leg.
Leaders Turning To Technology, Relationships To Reduce Homicides In SacramentoSacramento city leaders are looking for ways to reduce the murders in their city. There was a significant jump in murders in 2015.
Painful Loss For Sacramento Man A Reminder Not To Fire Guns To Ring In New YearIt was one year ago on Thursday that Stephen Lucas was ready to celebrate a new year with his girlfriend Kayley Leavitt.
Stockton Hopes To Rein In Celebratory Gunfire, Drunk Driving For New Year'sStockton Police posted a notice on Monday warning that celebratory gunfire is a crime, and that its Shotspotter technology can help them see where guns are being fired.
Uptick In Sacramento Murder Rate Comes After City Hit Lowest Numbers Since 1973After a long trend downward, including the lowest number of homicides since 1973 in 2014, there’s been an uptick in crime in Sacramento.
Sacramento Police Call Shotspotter Trial Successful Enough To Try For A YearSacramento Police say the technology has already lead to several arrests and the confiscation of illegal firearms.
First US High School Installs Gunshot-Sensing Microphones Across CampusGunshot-detecting sensors that can pinpoint the exact location of shots fired have been installed in the first U.S. high school in hopes police could arrive directly at the scene of a potential school shooting.
Sacramento Testing ShotSpotter Program In Del Paso HeightsPolice want to use the technology, which uses a network of sensors to instantly detect the sound and location of gunshots. The system then immediately notifies police dispatchers who can send officers to within 25 feet of where the crime occurred.