Ask A Sacramento Expert: How To Take Better Pictures With Your PhoneNot everyone has an actual camera, but most people have a smartphone. That smartphone generally comes with a camera built in and they've progressed to being very capable additions to the picture taking world.
Call Kurtis Investigates: Thieves Can Use Smartphones to Clone Your KeysI decide to test it out with my own house key. San Francisco based requires you to upload images from the front and back of the key. The cost is $6 for the first key which you can pay by credit card. Within three days, my key arrives. I test it out with my home, and it let me in with no problem.
New For 2014: The Best Apps For Holiday Shopping DealsUse your smartphone to truly maximize your holiday shopping. From coupon finders to shopping lists, these apps have everything you need to get the best savings.
Smartphones Must Include 'Kill Switch' Under Bill Legislation requiring manufacturers to install shut-off functions in smartphones as a way to deter thefts is on the verge of passing the Legislature.
California Smartphone 'Kill Switch' Bill Advances On a second attempt, California lawmakers advanced a bill Thursday that would require electronics manufacturers to install a shut-off function in all smartphones as a way to deter what one senator called a crime wave of thefts.
Call Failed: Push For Smartphone Kill Switch In California Falls 2 Votes Short Of MajorityA bill that would force electronics manufacturers to install a shut-off function in all smartphones has failed in the state Senate but will likely be revived later this spring.
How To Never Lose Your Luggage AgainWhile fewer bags are being lost by the airlines these days, people are still stealing them! Which is why Air France and KLM have spent the last year developing two gadgets that help prevent luggage from being lifted.
Don't Trade In Your Smartphone Before Wiping Your DataWith new smartphones coming on the market nearly every month, some become obsolete fairly quickly. But before ditching that old model, there are things to do that can prevent identity fraud.
Doctors Hope Condom App Combats Rising Sacramento STD RatesCasual encounters are easy to find nowadays with smartphone applications that find possible partners based on GPS location in addition to the usual websites. But that easy fun is helping to spread STDs.
2 Arrested In Sacramento For Multimillion-Dollar Smartphone SchemeTwo people have been arrested in Sacramento for leading a nationwide scheme that involved purchasing a large number of smart phones that were under contract and reselling them in Hong Kong.
Study: Free Smartphone Apps More Prone To Leak Personal InformationFree iPhone and iPad apps from Apple’s App Store pose a larger privacy risk than free apps from Google.