Sacramento Bracing For Possible Protests That May Follow DA's Announcement In Stephon Clark CaseThe wait for that announcement is giving the city time to prepare and work to prevent violent reactions.
Sacramento Police Officers Association Shares What It Learned From Stephon Clark CaseIt's been 11 months since the tragic shooting of Stephon Clark and still no decision from the DA's office on whether the officers involved will be charged.
Exclusive: Stephon Clark's Children Sit Down For Interview Nearly A Year After Deadly ShootingIt's the side of the Stephon Clark story you haven't seen before. It's been nearly a year since the 22-year-old was shot and killed by Sacramento Police officers. Meanwhile, his children have been kept largely out of the public eye.
City Officials Delay Vote On Improvised Weapon Protest Ban For Second TimeFor the second time in two weeks, Sacramento City officials have halted a vote on the proposal to ban certain items from protests.
Attorney General Becerra Releases New Report On Police Use Of ForceCalifornia's Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced the release of a new Department of Justice Report on the use of force by the Sacramento Police Department. 
'Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied': Stephon Clark's Family Shocked At DA's Decision To Delay Investigative ResultsAlmost a year after Stephon Clark was shot and killed in his grandmother's backyard, his family is still looking for answers from the District Attorney on whether they will prosecute the officers involved in the shooting. 
Stephon Clark’s Family Files $20M Federal Civil Lawsuit Against City Of SacramentoThe family of Stephon Clark has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit that seeks $20 million from City of Sacramento.
City Council Delays Vote On 'Improvised Weapon' BanIt was a surprising twist at City Hall as an expected vote on a proposed new law banning protestors from carrying certain items never happened. 
City Leaders Preparing For Community Reaction To DA's Stephon Clark Case DecisionCity leaders met with community members Friday ahead of any possible announcements from the DA about the Stephon Clark case.
DA: Stephon Clark Shooting Investigation Review May Take Longer Than 90 DaysThe Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office say they aim to complete their review of the Stephon Clark shooting investigation within 90 days, but it may take longer.
Stephon Clark Investigation In Hands Of District Attorney, California DOJMore than 7 months after Stephon Clark’s death, Sacramento Police Department has finally completed its criminal investigation into the deadly shooting of Stephon Clark and handed it over to the District Attorney’s Office.
Stephon Clark Shooting Investigation Results Sent To Sacramento District AttorneyThe police department did not release any findings from its investigation, but it's an important step in determining whether or not two officers who shot and killed Clark will face charges. 
CHP: Stephon Clark Protester At Fault For Collision With Sheriff's Patrol CarA California Highway Patrol investigation has found a protester is at fault for an incident where she was struck by a sheriff’s patrol car.
Stevante Clark, Brother Of Stephon Clark, Meets With Mayor SteinbergIn a Facebook post, Stevante Clark said he and the mayor spoke at city hall and discussed opening more community youth centers.
Kind Act Aimed At Healing Home At Center Of Stephon Clark ShootingMore than six months after a deadly shooting in her backyard, the grandmother of Stephon Clark is finding some healing from a helping hand.