Why Couldn't The Stockton Asparagus Festival Be Saved For 30-Year Anniversary?According to the Asparagus Festival's longest-serving board member Doug Wilhoit, the festival board cut $200,000 from its budget, but still spent $1.2 million putting on the event this year.
Stockton's Long-Running Asparagus Festival ClosingIt started in 1986, and was designed to raise money for local nonprofit agencies, but attendance dropped off significantly in the last two years. Bad weather at this year's event shuttered most of Friday's events and contributed to a record-low attendance of 55,000 people. That's half of its peak attendance from just a few years ago.
Stockton Asparagus Festival Opening Night Canceled After Strong StormHigh winds on Friday afternoon sent a canopy flying up and over a fence surrounding the event, underscoring the potentially dangerous conditions on Friday.
Stockton Asparagus FestivalThe 27th Annual Stockton Asparagus Festival kicks off with local art, regional wines, and plenty of entertainment.
Fun for the Whole Family at the Stockton Asparagus FestivalThe 27th annual Stockton Asparagus Festival, promoted as the best of the west food fest offers more than just food. Groove to your favorite tunes, watch a dog play hockey and shop until you drop. Dazzle your taste buds with the best and freshest produce, watch local chefs compete and taste excellent wine. Enter to win $100,000 and a Mercedes-Benz, and expect to spend the weekend tasting, laughing at and loving the Stockton Asparagus Festival.