Supply Chain Creates Garage Door Waiting Game; City Inspectors Allow LenienceThe city of Sacramento will now allow garages to be boarded up in new homes, if the garage doors are not delivered in time.
Supply Chain Delays Disrupt California Tree Nut ExportsRight now, obtaining shipping containers and getting bookings with shipping companies to get commodities like walnuts, pistachios and almonds takes time and more money to procure.
No More Wire Hangers? Supply Chain Crisis Now Impacting Businesses You Least ExpectThe supply chain crisis is impacting local businesses that you may not have expected.
Supply Chain Issues: How Global Shortages Are Affecting Consumers NationwideThe supply chain is the series of steps that brings a product to a customer, but bottlenecks across the entire network are creating shortages, delays and higher prices.
Supply Chain Issues: 'There Really Are Problems Everywhere,' Even For Small CompaniesExtensive slowdowns all along the supply chain are keeping consumers from buying what they want when they want, suggesting broader problems across the economy.
Walmart Aiming To Hire Thousands Of Permanent Supply Chain Workers; Sacramento Hiring Event Set For Nov. 3-4Walmart is gearing up for a big hiring spree to try and fill positions in its supply chain network.
Avoiding The (Shopping) Nightmare Before Christmas: Local Retailers Brace For Holiday ShortagesThe holiday decorations are already coming out. That’s why some Old Sacramento retailers got in the holiday spirit early to avoid what is becoming the nightmare before Christmas: getting the gifts onto store shelves. 
New Executive Order From Gov. Newsom Aims To Alleviate Congestion At California's PortsGov. Gavin Newsom has issued an executive order that aims to address the shortage of truck drivers and container storage needed to move critical cargo out of California’s backed-up ports. 
Supply Chain Delays Could Soon Leave Wine Glasses EmptySupply chain delays could soon leave your wine glasses empty, but the problem isn't the grapes, it's the packaging.
'This Is Not Just Any Usual Recovery': Economist Explains Rash Of Price Hikes, Product ShortagesShortages and higher prices could remain common, as companies struggle with their supply chains and try to predict post-COVID demand during a surge in spending.