Report: Apple Will Remove Headphone Jack From Next iPhoneA Japanese tech blog says the iPhone 7 will not have the usual 3.5 mm headphone jack in order to make the product slimmer.
Sacramento CTO Encourages Aspiring App DevelopersChief Technology Officer, Craig Lurey, leads the software engineering team of "Keeper Security," making sure their app is on the cutting edge of technology and ever secure.
Sacramento IT Director Advocates For The Power Of Sweat Equity"Immerse yourself and don't be afraid to take risks, especially when you are just getting started. Sweat equity is a word that newcomers shouldn't be afraid of," says Joe Trusty.
Graphic Designer Uses Education To Create Innovative Artwork"If you put in the time, dedication and have a passion for what you are doing, whether it is art or any other career, you will succeed and grow," says Ryan Colditz
Sacramento Tech Business Group Closure Creates New Doubts In Job MarketThe Sacramento Regional Technology Alliance, tasked with opening doors for tech entrepreneurs in the region, closed its doors earlier this week.
All NFL Players Will Now Wear Motion Trackers On The Field
Steph Curry Partners With The 'Uber' Of Private Sports Lessons
Spotify Clears Up Controversial Privacy Policy After ComplaintsSpotify is clarifying its new privacy policy after social media users accused the music and video streaming service of trying to access personal information without permission.
Google Starts Its Own Car CompanyGoogle Auto is part of the Internet search engine giant's efforts to create and sell a driverless car.
Twitter's Periscope Arrives On Android DevicesAfter weeks of speculation and anticipation, Twitter is launching its wildly popular Periscope live-streaming app for Android users.
Technology For Elite Runners Can Also Help Seniors Walk Without Fear Of FallingBut one local company says its new technology can stop running injuries before they even start. And it goes beyond runners—amateur athletes and even the elderly could benefit from the system.
Patent Trolls A Costly Problem For Tech IndustryBut lawmakers have stumbled over the issue before, which doesn't fall neatly along party lines. America's drugmakers, universities and trial lawyers claim that patents are the lifeblood of American invention and that the current bill goes too far. After sailing through the House in late 2013, Goodlatte's "Innovation Act" was never taken up in the Senate last year as expected.
Top 5 Apps To Help You Go GreenIf you're ready to take your overall going green experience to the next level, check out some of these apps that can help you reduce your harmful impacts on earth.
Stanford Scientists Develop Batteries That Are Greener, Last Longer Than Today’s BatteriesScientists at Stanford University said they have developed a high-performance aluminum-ion battery that could replace the alkaline and lithium-ion batteries that are used to power devices today.
Travel Apptitude: Best Apps For Planning Your TripNeed a hand planning your next trip? These five apps will have you all packed up and ready to go in no time.