California State University Trustees Weigh Tuition Increasealifornia State University trustees are considering raising tuition for the second straight year.
UC Proposes Raising Tuition For Second Consecutive YearThe UC Board of Regents plans to vote Wednesday on the proposed increase of $342, or 2.7 percent.
UC Regents Commit To Audit Recommendations, Praise System PresidentThe University of California Board of Regents vowed to implement audit recommendations to improve the budgeting practices of the president's office following a stinging state audit, but took pains to praise President Janet Napolitano and even question the report's findings.
Starbucks Extending Tuition-Free Education To Military Vets' Family MembersU.S. veterans are getting a break on their college tuition, thanks to coffee company Starbucks.
[Watch] Student Wins College Tuition After Making Half-Court Shot
Department Of Justice's Corinthian College PageSome Corinthian students may have the right to a refund of their tuition money through a student loan discharge or through a reimbursement of funds. Click on the link to learn more.
UC President Postpones Proposed Tuition Increase To Aid Negotiations With GovernorSpeaking at the University of Southern California on Wednesday, Napolitano said she was also hopeful the university system will be able to forestall any tuition increase for the next academic year.
Lawmakers Propose Constitutional Amendment To Strip UC Of Some AutonomyTwo state lawmakers are putting forth a constitutional amendment that would strip the University of California of some of its autonomy.
Poll: Calif. Not Providing Enough Funds To Public Colleges And UniversitiesA new poll finds that a majority of California adults say the state is not providing enough money for its public colleges and universities, but they also are unsure what to do about it.
UC Berkeley Students Plan To Rally Today Against Tuition IncreasesStudents at UC Berkeley are planning to rally against a series of planned tuition increases on the 50th anniversary of a pivotal event in the school's storied campus activism.
Democratic Legislators Criticize UC Tuition HikesDemocratic legislative leaders returning to the state Capitol are taking aim at tuition hikes approved by the University of California.