Parents Mixed On Signing Children Up For COVID Vaccine TrialAdults were first in line for the COVID vaccine, but the next shot in the arm could be for your child. UC Davis Health is launching a COVID vaccine trial for children ages 12 to 17, but the idea prompted some mixed reactions.
UC Davis Health Partners With Allegiant Airlines' CEO To Create New COVID Rapid TestWhat may look like a run-of-the-mill COVID-19 test is actually a new rapid test being worked out by UC Davis Health and Dr. Nam Tran.
Concern Sparks Over New COVID Variants As Vaccine Eligibility Opens Up In Sacramento RegionAs vaccine eligibility is set to expand to everyone 16 and up in California, concern continues to grow as more cases of coronavirus variants continue to pop up.
UC Davis Health Sees Big Response From Opening Up COVID-19 Vaccines To Everyone 16 And UpA major local health care provider is expanding vaccination appointments earlier than expected.
UC Davis Health Allowing Everyone 16 And Older, Including Non-Patients, To Sign Up For COVID-19 Vaccine AppointmentsUC Davis Health is allowing anyone 16 and older to schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment starting Tuesday.
UC Davis COVID-19 Vaccine Sign-UpStarting Tuesday, April 6, anyone aged 16 years or older will be eligible to schedule a vaccination appointment for COVID19 at UC Davis Health.
Local Churches Lead Charge In Providing Vaccinations To Communities In NeedSacramento's vaccine rollout is expanding to local churches as religious leaders take it upon themselves to educate and provide the shots to those in under-served communities.
First Vaccines In Sacramento: Health Workers Call It A Hopeful Sign Of 'The Beginning Of The End'A UC Davis ER nurse was one of the first to receive the new coronavirus vaccine in Northern California.
First Batch Of Pfizer COVID Vaccine Could Arrive At UCD Medical Center MondayIt is the opening act to the end of the COVID-19 crisis in the United States.
Expecting Mom Survives COVID, Baby Delivered Early While In ICUA local woman is thankful to be alive after contracting COVID-19 while pregnant. 
'Something To Look Forward To': Health Officials Remain Positive As COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduled To Arrive At UC Davis HealthIn a major step to flatten the curve, an FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccine is now on its way to California. Some of the very first doses are scheduled to arrive at UC Davis Health within days.