UC Davis Vets Heal Bobcat's Burns With Fish Skin An injured bobcat is back in the wild Monday after local veterinarians took an unorthodox approach to treat his burns — fish skin.
UC Davis Veterinarians Honored For Saving K-9 Officer's LifeThis past March, seven-year-old K-9 Haakon was taken to the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Hospital for a ruptured bladder. 
Sacramento Zoo Snow Leopard Cub Out Of Surgery And RecoveringCoconut the snow leopard cub at the Sacramento Zoo is out of surgery and recovering.
Animals Injured In California's Devastating Wildfires Continue To Be TreatedIt's been two months since the massive wildfires in Calaveras and Lake Counties, and some injured animals are still being treated at the UC Davis Veterinarian Hospital.
UC Davis Treats Dozens Of Pets Badly Burned In Butte, Valley FiresDr. Elizabeth Montgomery crouched beside the cage of a long-haired, black-and-white cat with blisters and second-degree burns on all four paws. She stroked his head, examined his bandages and adjusted the soft collar around his neck that prevented him from licking his wounds.
Dog Receiving Special Surgery At UC Davis Dies Lad, a collie from Kentucky that was receiving a special surgery from the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, has died.
Kabang, Hero Dog From Philippines, Faces Setback In Treatment A hero dog who lost her snout saving two young girls in the Phillipines will have to wait a few months before veterinarians at UC Davis can repair her face after they discovered she has some other serious health problems.
Vets: Don't Give Potassium Iodide To PetsHundreds of Americans especially along the West Coast have been buying potassium iodide pills over fears radiation from Japan’s crippled nuclear plant could spread across the Pacific. And many of those people are asking veterinarians if they should also give those pills to their pets. The answer according to UC Davis veterinarians is no.
Rescue Dog Loses Leg In FightA search and rescue dog who helped find survivors in the wake of Hurricane Katrina is facing a rough road to recovery after losing a leg in a fight with a neighbor’s dogs.