Mayors Vow To Launch Guaranteed Income Programs Across USA growing number of mayors across the country support giving cash to low-income families with no restrictions on how they can spend it - part of a growing movement to establish a guaranteed minimum income to combat poverty and systemic racism.
State Lawmaker Introduces Universal Basic Income Bill; Californians Over 18 Would Get $1K Per MonthA state lawmaker has introduced a universal basic income bill that would give every Californian $1,000 per month.
Here's How People Receiving 'Free Money' In Stockton Are Spending ItThe “basic income guarantee” program is an experiment other cities could adopt.
Testing The Impact Of Universal Basic Income In StocktonThe idea of a guaranteed income dates back to at least the 18th century and has crossed ideological and cultural lines.
Stockton's Free Money Project Moving Forward, First Checks Should Roll Out Next MonthSoon, 100 people will be chosen to receive $500 a month for 18 months, no questions asked. 
Why Aren't People Signing Up For Free Money In Stockton?1,200 letters have been mailed out to households in Stockton offering a chance at receiving $500 a month, no strings attached, but not everyone is signing up.
An Extra $500 A Month? 100 Residents To Be Selected For Basic Income Pilot ProgramThe letter 1,200 people will be receiving over the next few days does not mean people will automatically receive money but it brings them closer to potentially being selected.
Stockton Preparing Rollout Of Universal Basic Income PlanAn innovative plan to tackle income inequality will be a reality in Stockton as a plan to provide certain families with $500 is just months from beginning.